can anyone say better methods to relieve from stress and depression?

due to the modernisation and accustomed with citylife many are facing the problems of depression.

so. friends give suggestions to relieve from stress which you are following.

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Among many reasons for Stress, wrong life style irregular food habits are said to be reasons for stress. I use Pranayama and other breathing Yogic exercises to get rid of stress.



There is no way other than to look for cause of depression and anxiety and them remove that. for example, fear of examination is causing depression. There is no way other than to pepare well for the exam. similarly, if financial problems are stressing, you can remove depression only by arranging money- increrase income, decrease expenses, arrange temporary loan. Notghing else- Yoga, Pranayam etc would remove the depression. 

Meditation, yoga and social life helps to relieve the stress. No medicine can replace these relieving methods. Doctors prescribe anti depressants and what not to make you stress free but those are temporary ways. I believe just keep your mind open, accept the situation and adapt yourself to it, you will face less problems and thus your life would be stress free. 


Just do whatever you like other than your regular job. Like watch movie, chit chat with friends. Myself means i do meditation.


Yoga and Meditation.

Sheetal Kumar N

The simplest technique to reduce stress and depression is Yoga. Yoga helps us live healthy.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

For me meditation helps a lot.

Rajaraman K

What you really enjoy and like to do will help relieve your stress. eg. if you love reading, then take some time out at the end of day to read books that you really like. Do gardening., it is the greatest stress buster. Go for walks, paint, listen to music, whatever helps you take your mind off of your troubles, will relieve your stress.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Stress builds due to many things - you have to analyse and see how you could overcome it and take steps to relieve stress.It could be with music or spending time outdoors or meditating ..

usha manohar

Relaxation by mediation is the best method to relieve stress. At the same time, live in the present moment, forgetting the dead past and the uncertain future.


Yoga and meditation are the best method to relieve stress. Sometimes I listen good music to reduce stress.


Self love, positive attitude, Productive engagement and a hobby that fuels your soul-- these are the key elements to fight the stress and anxiety that this fast paced ruthless life throws on us. In all these, I value Self-love the most. Once you love yourself and hold a high regard for yourself, You find the beauty within you. You appreciate your worthiness and love life for everything that you are capable of to make it beautiful. Self love makes to Know yourself with your potentials and limitations and that provides a shield from the unrealistic expectations. I feel that these unrealistic expectations are the key to depression, stress and anxiety in most cases

Arunima Singh

I sometimes feel depressed but still I am a very strong person. Relaxation techniques stuff frankly never works on me. So, I just remember this is my head, no matter what, I AM STRONG, VERY VERY STRONG and phew! depression is all gone for now.

Alakananda Sikdar
Sreematrana ? - Sreematrana - 3 years ago

Yes I agree with Kalyani Nandurkar , By doing what we like always relives us form stress . I love to read books so whenever I am stressed I read books.


Music is the best way to release stress and to even come out of depression. medical researches over the years have proved that alpha and beta brain waves can be altered in a positive way through music. So, music heals !!! And hence, modern psychologists often recommend Music Therapy.

Saurav Banerjee

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