What does freedom mean to you?

How did you visualize freedom?

Written by Category: Health & Lifestyle 5 years ago
Rajaraman K

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I believe in giving space to others and not to harm anyone. Naturally, I expect the same that my space is not taken away and no one should try to use me for their benefit and that's my freedom. I love to do my work according to my schedule without disturbing anyone's life but if I am forced to do according to other's choice just because it's tradition or seniors suggest to do so puts an unnecessary pressure on me. This curtails my freedom. 

Shampa Sadhya

Freedom for me is Liberation from everything i do in my life. It gives me enough flexibility to do my work at peace. 

Ronark Bhardwaj

According to me freedom is a way to express yourself and ability to do the things in a right way. Many people take advantage of this freedom and do many crimes or illegal things and then say we have freedom to do . But that is not right way. Misuse of freedom is not considered as a freedom. 


Freedom to me is the ability to express ourselves under all circumstances.

Saurav Banerjee

Freedom means not being judgemental of my actions, giving freedom to express my views and letting me go for an outing to a far off place with friends without restrictions or restraints.


Doing whatever you want


Freedom is about choices and decisions.

Sheetal Kumar N

For me freedom is living peacefully without any disturbances from others . At the same time doing what I want without disturbing others.


Doing things without thinking what others will think. I believe in the saying live and let live.

Alakananda Sikdar

For me freedom mean to live independently with my choice and with my expenditure and with my style and with my own decisions and with my own identity and recognization with no restrictions.


For me, freedom being being able to make choices, being able to express my opinions freely and without repercussions (of course within reason), right to education etc.

Kalyani Nandurkar
Rajaraman K Yes Kalyani. At the same time, it should also be used with restrain. - Rajaraman K - 5 years ago

Freedom means you can live peacefully by doing work of your choice.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

To express myself and to put my views in front of others is freedom.

Sanjeev Gupta

To me freedom comes with a lot of responsibilities too...Ideally if you are self sufficient and can go and do what you want to do without feeling restricted, that would be freedom.But like I said it is an ideal situation which is not possible in real life ...

usha manohar

Freedom is a state by which I become aware that I am not bound by anything external. Nothing in the universe has a control over me. I am everywhere; an omnipresent being. No birth, no death;  if nothing can control me how can I die?  It is an eternal state; if nothing can control me, how can I lose my freedom?


Freedom doesn't mean doing whatever you like. Freedom is acting within one's limits without encroaching on others periphery of rights..



Freedom is ability to do what you please without encroaching on others' rights. When a country got independence,  somebody accidently touched another man's chest with his umbrella. Naturally this was irritating. The person said- Now we are free. so my umbrella is also free to move any way. Came the retort- Your freedom ends where my chest begins.   

Rajaraman K Very well said Mr.Gulshan. With freedom, responsibility should also be there. - Rajaraman K - 5 years ago

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