Do chocolates give headaches?

I have heard this often from many people. Is it only a myth or a fact?

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Kalyani Nandurkar

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The chocolates do cause headaches in case of migraine patients as it contain a chemical called tannins. But researcher have not concluded the possibilty of getting headache they just analyzed that this chemical can cause and 22 percent of chronic headache sufferer stated chocolate as one of the reason.

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Rajani K

Good question by you kalyani!

Many of us are not aware of it!
Yes it will. Eating Too much of cholcates evolves the cocaine and indeed give rise to headache!and than can slow down circulation.Also, caffeine is a blood vessel constrictor.
In my experience cadburry is the worst culprit.

There are direct answers for your question in the below links. I used them as references.



I don't think so.


I am not sure they do because I normally have at least a piece or two of chocolates almost every day after my dinner. I have never had any problems so far unless of curse there are other heath problems which may get aggravated with chocolate and results in swelling of nerves and cause headaches..

usha manohar

I have heard that they cure headaches.

Sheetal Kumar N

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