Which one do you prefer - a carefully cultivated garden or one with a natural look...

Many people are going in for a natural and often wild look while planning their gardens...
Written by Category: Home & Garden 8 years ago
usha manohar

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I for one prefer natural look.I allow the nature to take its own course.

Well, Even I would love to to see natural look.. But sometime that carefully cultivated garden looks very beautiful too, but too hard to maintain.

A carefully cultivated garden is indeed pleasing to the eye and it also reflects the impeccable taste of the owner. It also provides a beautiful setting for spending leisure times and for entertaining guests etc. At the same time, if one does have a lot of space and inclination, there should be a section for garden with natural look. This will encourage birds and butterflies in that space, but care also should be taken that the natural look is not totally overboard or the plants will run wild and give a disheveled look. It might also result in overcrowding and attract diseases on plants. So it is better to try and achieve a balance here.
Kalyani Nandurkar

A carefully cultivated garden...as it is easy to manage afterwards.Natural look garden has its own charm but quite difficult to maintain.

Definitely a garden looks better if its cultivated so I would like to see a cultivated garden.
Sanjeev Gupta

Natural gardens are just like jungles. Carefully growing trees and making it a garden is good and beautiful.
Devyani Sarkar

I would love to see cultivated garden. It's looking very beautiful.

Natural gardens have their own beauty but if left totally unattended then it will turn into a mini jungle at home on the other hand cultivated gardens not only look pretty but are safe to move around.

Shampa Sadhya

I like carefully cultivated garden. Carefully cultivated gardens are very beautiful and so they give pleasure to our mind. When we walk through a garden which is carefully cultivated, we feel that we are in paradise. This is the best place for parents to spend with their children. We forget about worries and tensions when we watch the beauty of such garden.

Jincy Aby

Well, I love gardening and can boast of a beautiful garden that I have on my terrace with flowering plants, ornamental plants, seasonal plants and lots of veggies. Well, cultivated look or natural look- it is a matter of choice and also depends on the constraint of space. In a smaller space, the cultivated plants add to the aesthetics and is manageable. For a bigger outdoor garden, I will prefer natural look. 

On my terrace, I have cultivated plants and a cultivated look with steps made for pots. This helps me accommodate more pots. Moreover, other than gardening, the terrace has multiple purpose- party space with a gazebo, stands for drying clothes and space for my daughters indoor games. Keeping all these in mind, I have opted for Cultivated plants. It gives neat look and easier maintenance.

Arunima Singh
usha manohar If possible please do upload a picture of your terrace garden here.. - usha manohar - 4 years ago

Both are beautiful in their own ways.

Sheetal Kumar N

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