Is anyone interested in swapping seeds, bulbs etc.?

I once had a blogger from Malaysia mail me red sorrel seeds and I sent him some other flower seeds and bulbs. I am looking for nasturtium seeds and in return I can send March lily bulbs. So is any one interested??
Written by Category: Home & Garden 8 years ago
Kalyani Nandurkar

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I wish I could Kalyani ! however, in my place certain plants don't grow at all , so we are very limited as far as variety goes. Nasturiums are very pretty flowers, so also March lilies both of which wouldn't grow here because of the weather conditions. i would be happy to send across begonias and cactus and stuff like that , which grows well here ..
usha manohar
Kalyani Nandurkar I think you won't find much problem with March lilies because they are quite hardy, in fact if you do not water them for several months, they will sprout buds when the season comes in March, I have seen it happen. - Kalyani Nandurkar - 7 years ago

Bulbs are interesting but I don't think its plantation is possible for me. Yes I have grown other plants like green chilli and capsicum. They look very cute and lovely.
Devyani Sarkar

I have not enough space for plants. Although I have some plants. I am using pots to growing plants.

No I dont think swapping seeds and bulbs works for me.

It's a very interesting. But I have no enough place to proper plantation. It is quite difficult for me.

no sorry
Aakash Agarwal

I cannot able to work with Swapping seeds due to lack of sufficient space for plantation.
Bol Bachchan

No it is not work for me and I never Try it.....

No. Not possible by me.

Sheetal Kumar N

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