How to prevent Dengue ?

I want to know how to controlĀ & prevent the fatal disease of Dengue to spread everywhere unecessarily?

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How to prevent dengue?

Prevention is basically by:

* Avoiding mosquito bites (by using mosquito repellents containing DEET, picaridin (KBR3023) or oil of lemon eucalyptus)

* Eliminating pockets of stagnant water that serve as mosquito breeding sites at home, workplaces and their vicinity,

* Not storing water in open containers. Covering all water containers with lids.

* Preventing mosquito entry by keeping doors closed and windows screened.

* Wearing protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts, long pants, socks and shoes when outdoors.

* Using mosquito nets at home.

* Scrubbing and cleaning margins of containers used for water (to dislodge the eggs of Aedes aegypti)

* Covering overhead tank to prevent access to mosquitoes.

* Aedes mosquitoes usually bite during the day; therefore, special precautions should be taken during early morning hours before day break and in the late afternoon before dark.

* There is no commercially available dengue vaccine (for dengue Flavivirus).

neetu jain

Never give Aspirin, Dispirin and Brufen tablets to the patient as these are known to increase bleeding tendency and also it increase stomach pain.
It also becomes difficult to detect Dengue in blood tests if the patient has taken these medicines.
Karuna Sapra

I will suggest people to live in neat and clean places. Sleep on bed and use mosquito net. Inform municipalty to spray mosquito protection gas and clean the garbages and drains outside your house.
Devyani Sarkar

Keep away mosquitoes and use tulsi, ginger and black pepper regularly. Some homeopaty medicines are also available to protect form dengu.

Cleaning your surrounding is the key to prevent Dengue. You can remove still water from your surroundings which is the main source of mosquitoes. If you live in an area full of mosquitoes, make sure that you use products in your house that keep these small dangerous creature away. If unfortunate you are suffering from Dengue, then make sure that you eat properly to strengthen your immunity system.
Rakhi Yadav

The best thing which you must follow is Be clean and maintain cleanliness in your surroundings.

Keep your home as well as your surrounding area clean don't let water stand as this is the dwelling place for mosquitoes which the reason of Dengue.
Sanjeev Gupta

Always we drink clean and boiled water. It is spread from mosquitoes. So, we first clean our house and area clean.

By keeping our surroundings clean and by killing mosquitoes. Taking dust from our areas and making it as clean.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant waters. See nowhere in the house or the nearby areas are stagnant.with water

Make sure that your surroundings remain clean and dont store unwanted water in vacant places.

Dengue is spread by mosquitos. Try to keep your surrounding clean and not allowed to deposit any water around your house. Use mosquito sprays and use mosquito net during night.
Bol Bachchan

Avoid water to accumulate around you. Use mosquito net during sleeping.

Keeping your surrounding clean is the best possible manner to prevent dengue. At the same time, it's equally important to see that there's no stagnant water in your home and in the locality.

Saurav Banerjee

1. Use mosquitoes killer devices.

2. Keep the water storage tank covered.

3. Wear full sleeve clothes.

4. Avoid wearing nickers are the Dengue mosquitoes can not fly more than two feet height.

5. The use of Odomos cream can prevent mosquitoes bite.

6. Drink fresh coconut water daily.

7. Add Kiwi fruit in the diet.

Dinesh Sood

Try to be in distance from mosquito any how.

live in hygenic place
Aakash Agarwal

Apply regularly mosquito replant cream which will protect you from mosquito bite.

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