Begonias are easy to grow

Begonias are a gardeners delight since they are fairly easy to grow and maintain. The major requirements are less sunlight, more shade, a well drained soil and some care while handling them. They are delicate so bruise easily which means they should be handled with utmost care . They can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Originally found in South American Jungles they thrive on humid conditions. I have posted a picture of some of the varieties of Begonias growing in my garden..Please add on your own views and tips !



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usha manohar

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Wow, beautiful begonias you have there and some of them are quite rare! I love begonias and have them often, but the problem is that they grow very nicely and flourish beautifully but once the rains start, they fall prey to white powdery mildew. I spray home made insecticides and it takes care of the mildew but temporarily and it attacks again. So now I have no begonia. But I agree, they are very easy to grow, just keep trimming the old dead leaves and dead flowers and water sparingly once a day. Watering too much can cause soil to become waterlogged which is not good the begonias.

Kalyani Nandurkar
usha manohar Kalyani, plain diluted soap solution works wonders with mildew , safer with children around too..I agree one needs to be very careful with watering , they need humidity but not stagnant water or a wet soil all the time. - usha manohar - 4 years ago
Kalyani Nandurkar Thanks for the soap tip, I think I did use a soap solution once, but it was the heavy rains that killed my begonias. I must go and buy another one soon. - Kalyani Nandurkar - 4 years ago

Lovely Pictures of your garden. I agree they are easy to grow and can be grown both outdoors and indoors. But being delicate, they need that extra care of regular pesticide ( I use the home made garlic spray and neem oil spray) and trimming of older leaves. They really flourish with a regular maintenance.

Arunima Singh
usha manohar popping in a couple of garlic pods around the stem does help even roses , which get easily attacked .. - usha manohar - 4 years ago
usha manohar I agree regular maintenance is essential for begonias - usha manohar - 4 years ago

I am posting another picture with two more begonias growing in my garden, one was taken a couple of months ago when it was flowering. I have realised now that if they are kept at a higher position so that the water drains easily one never need to move them even during monsoons..


usha manohar
Kalyani Nandurkar Yes, that is a good strategy, placing them on higher grounds will not let water accumulate! - Kalyani Nandurkar - 4 years ago

Beautiful Pictures of Begonias. Thank you

usha manohar Well as usual a point grabbing response ... - usha manohar - 4 years ago

Very nice.

Sheetal Kumar N

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