What are some practical ways to manage household waste?

Some ways and means that are not time consuming and eco-friendly!

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One of the quickest and the best way to manage household waste is by segregation-Keep two boxes of waste labeled as 'organic' and 'papers&plastics'

organic waste basket-

You can throw in it all the vegetables and edible waste.It is best to have plants around your home.You can throw the peelings around them.They will be recycled within the plant itself.

paper & plastic waste basket-

Most of the papers we throw can be reused in the form of notepad or stick notes.They can be helpful to write down numbers/small information

Most of the plastics can be reused at home itself to wrap food or small accesories.Pen stands can be made out of tetrapacks and you can be artistic in decorating them.



The best way to manage solid waste is to not produce it in the first place. To that end, buy only what you need. Buy durable products, and maintain and repair them to ensure longer product life. Borrow or rent items you don’t use often.

soap and detergent Avoid excess packaging by choosing large containers instead of several small ones, buying concentrates, and buying food in bulk when it is available. Also, compare the size of the package to the size of the product. If there appears to be far more package than product, choose another brand.
  Some products don’t need a package. For instance, is it really necessary to shrink-wrap produce and place it on a paperboard tray? A hammer could be hung on a rack, rather than in a blister pack. However, other products clearly do require some packaging.
glass of milk and glass container Many containers, such as glass milk bottles, can be returned to the industry for redistribution and reuse. Refills are now available in many stores for an increasing number of cleaning products. Also, many hair salons offer refills on shampoo and other hair-care products.
  Reusable packaging is anything that can be reused for a different purpose. For example, a plastic container can be reused as a storage container. However, never reuse food packages to store hazardous materials.


Manging the household waste is the very essential part for the homemaker. Here are some tips that would help manging the waste. 
1. Limit the number of items brought into the home and reuse and recycle.
2. Follow the method of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
3. While shopping, don't buy useless products. One should be very smart while shopping. 
4. If one has a garden in the house,  there can be a pit dug in the garden and add all the wastes from grosary and kitchen into it. This will help produce bio-manure to the plants and avoid waste too. 
5. Try avoid using plastic bags in the wastes. 


The below links can also seen from more information. 



There are many ways you can cut down on the amount of waste you produce and also save money. You can:

1:Reduce waste

2:Reuse items

3:Recycle waste


Fruit and vegetables– buy loose from a local market or grocer rather than highly-packaged goods from supermarkets – saves packaging.

Carrier bags - refuse bags when you're out shopping if you do not need them.

Water bottles - why not purchase a water filter to get taint-free drinking water, instead of buying bottles of water.


Storage containers - use re-usable plastic containers for storing leftover food

Unwanted furniture - if you have any unwanted furniture that is still in good useable condition, you could donate this to a charity

Carrier bag for life - Purchase strong bags for life to use when you go shopping. These can be reused time and time again


Old clothes - can be shredded and rewoven. If they're in good condition that's even better, Donate to charity shops

Recycled materials – buy products made with recycled material content



All my kitchen waste goes into making compost along with dry leaves,twigs and other plant waste got from the plants and trees. Paper is given to the person who  comes to collect it once a month and I reuse plastic bags until it disintegrates and cannot be used.



reducing waste, reusing recycling wastes, burning out the useless things are some of the ways to manage household waste materials



Wet waste can be converted to compost.


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