Is there any ways to dispose old furniture

We have lot of old furniture in our home which is occupying lot of space. Is there any way to sold it. How to create space in home.
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Rajani K

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Well old furniture can be revamped. Suppose you have this old long book case. You can get a carpenter to break it into 2 halves and use them as bed stands. I did this with my old shelf. A pretty fine job was done by my carpenter

Another way would be to paint it so that it looks new. If you have old sofas you can change the stuffing and get new covers. It cost around Rs.10000 for me to revamp my 3 piece sofa but it looks brand new.

If nothing can be done then selling it off seems like a good option. But see if you can salvage anything at all from what is left of the furniture.
Shruti Vasudevan

Intention to dispose furniture may be expressed to the friend circle and neighbor. Some of them may be willing to buy old furniture. Another way is to advertize in local newspaper. Furniture can also be sold by auction. There are professional auctioneers who may do the job.

What I would do is to give the furniture to someone who needs it, maybe for a small sum of money, or even just like that!

Another option would be, if its wooden furniture and the wood is of good quality and in very good condition, then I would just hire a carpenter to make something out of it, probably fashion it into a small table or a corner piece or a small book case.
Kalyani Nandurkar

If you want reasonable money for your old furniture, you must check in your telephone directory or any business directory or any call service available for all the business. You must ask for an action company address. At least two to three companies you will get. You must take your furniture there, and fix price. It is your wish to fix the price. Once any people ask that rate they will dispose your old furniture. They will ask some commission money for this service.

These days you can go online and sell those used furniture sets and get attractive price. However you can easily refurbish old furniture sets and use them for few years. It totally depends on you. Cheers :)
Rakhi Yadav

Reestablish the furniture into new patron.

It would be very difficult to throw away old furniture. Throwing it away just because it is old is not good. It could be reused to make other things out of it. Or a better option is to sell it to a carpenter. These people are always on the lookout for old stuff.

You can make something new in it, or buy something new with exchange offer.
fazelath Imraan

Sell it on olx

roza mansoori

Out of personal experience, old furniture in urban or semi-urban city can never be disposed or sold. You can either retain and use till it is no longer usable or give it to your maid or a needy person for free. OLX, quirk etc don't least it didn't for me!
Mousumi Ghosh

You can insert an Ad in classified advertisements section of any news paper. Or in trade journals of interior decoration. We have many local news papers which accept such advertisement on Sunday issues, when the readership is more.

You cannot totally dispose your old furniture. You may consult with carpenter. Carpenter knows how to made a brand new furniture from old furniture.
Bol Bachchan

Advertise or exchange with local furniture dealers.

You can sell it by local advertisement.. on news paper or something. You can also do it by mouth advertising of it.

I would resell it if I could or donate it to someone. Even selling it to a junk dealer also is a solution.
Sanjeev Gupta

You can either sale those furnitures in scrap or give it to the carpenter to make it a new one. You can tell carpenter to make some other furniture with this.
Devyani Sarkar

I would definitely not throw away any old furniture since most of them tend to be sturdy and of good quality.I feel you should give it a new look and keep it as heirloom ...I love old furniture and keep snooping around places where they have old, even broken down furniture to see if there is any possibility of giving a new look to them..
usha manohar

advertise for it on internet or newspaper
arjun sai

If you have big quantity, advertise in local paper.

Yes, Exchange offer is very good option. In this way, you could save some amount of money, which could be used in the new furniture.
Ronark Bhardwaj

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