The best female performances of Hindi cinema...

Some performances stand out in our minds because of the impact it makes.there have been many actresses who have given excellent performances through the years.I am listing down a few that I feel were good and please select any three that you like or add on the ones that you have liked...

1, Nargis in Mother India

2, Waheeda Rehman in Guide

3, Madhubala in Mughal e azam

4, Smitha Patil in Subah

5,Meena Kumari in Sahib bibi aur ghulam or Pakeezah

6,Shabana Azmi in Ankur

7, Rekha in Umrao jaan

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All the seven ladies you have mentioned are indeed the stalwart performers of Indian cinema, although their sequence may change according to personal choices...for me Number 1 is Waheeda Rehman followed by Nargis at 2 and Smita Patil at number 3.

I want to add more to the list which is:
a. Nutan in Bandini
b. Smita Patil again in Mirch Masala (Smita acted a lot of characters in a variety of movies, but I think this one movie showcases almost all of her characters in just one role, she is the epitome of resilience and defiance. and equally vulnerable at the same time. She is awesome in this movie )
c. Waheeda Rehman again in Pyaasa!

This is my list!
usha manohar Indeed I was doing a great injustice by forgetting Nutan, how could I when she is one of my favorite actresses ? I agree that Smitha was very talented and I have seen Mirch masal which was a fabulous film and Smitha has done a great job like she always does in any of her roles, she is a natural! - usha manohar - 8 years ago


It's tough task to vote for anyone from this list. I can click any one out of these but after spending 5 minutes trying to find an answer, I'll go For Meena Kumari for her role in Pakeezah for the fact that she did not know how to dance but one cannot judge this fact by the way she performed in the movie. She was excellent in other departments.
If I have multiple choice then I can have Madhubala at #2 and Nargis is at #3 for me.
Sandhya Rani Credits of her performance in this movie is to be shared to some lady too. Now I can't remember her name. As Meena was too weak doing its shooting, her hubby (director) used a body double for dancing sequences - a trained dancer. Yet, it can't be denied that it was one of her outstanding performances. After a long and dragged release, the movie became a huge hit only due to the tragic death of its leading lady. Actually the movie was an average in the releasing days.

But according to me, it's one of the finest Indian movies of 1970's, really a classic. The subject too, a little controversial in those days. So full credits for Amrohi and Meena Kumari. She fully overshadow the leading actor, Raajkumar
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
usha manohar Sunil, I mentioned select three performances out of the ones that I mentioned or your own choice which is not on the list ... - usha manohar - 8 years ago


Of course, Nargis in Mother India

When the best actress of Hindi cinema was chosen in the Millennium year, This wonderful performance was awarded as the best female performance of Silver screen, also she was chosen as the best actress all time!

In the recent times, the actress who impressed me was Vidhya Balan in Dirty Picture. Her perfection in handling the role really surprised me a lot. No doubt, it's one among the best performances in the new millenium


My list of best female performances is
Nargis in Mother India
Meenakumari in Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam
Rekha in Umrao Jaan.


No dout Nargis is best female actor for movie mother india.


Nargis, Waheeda Rehman, Madhubala and Rekha


Waheeda Rehman in Guide , Nargis in Mother India and Smita Patil in Subah all are best.





I will add to the thread -

Shabana Azmi in Arth

Let me add two of our new ladies to this list who had spectacular performances.

Deepika Padukone in Piku

Kangana Rannut in Queen




Waheeda Rahman in Guide.


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