All Time Grosser in your regional language

Now everyone know Dhoom 3 has collected more than 500 crore, thus becoming India's highest grosser. If inflation figures are adjusted, definitely Mughal-E-Azham and Sholay will be placed in the first two positions. in Hindi.

I would like to know the highest earning film in all Indian regional languages, as well as 'real best' if inflation figures are adjusted.

My mother tongue is Malayalam and if inflation figures are adjusted, not even a single film can dare to dream to break the record of Malayalam classic 'Chemmeen' released in 1965. It's said that its producer-director Ramu Kariyat never kept records of its collection and many theatre owners have become millionaires with this single movie. Most sad part is that this legendary film maker died in poverty!!!!

If highest grosser is calculated only in terms of figures, the record goes to Pazhasiraja (2009) - the biopic of Pazhasiraja with Mammootty in the lead role. This movie collected 50 crore rupee from Kerala territory breaking the record of multi-star cast Twenty-20 with the two megastars - Mammootty and Mohanlal in the lead roles and almost all actors of Malayalam at present, though in minor roles.

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In Telugu 'Maga Dheera" directed by Raja Mouli, Ram charan, son of Chiranjeevi and Kajal in the lead roles collected 61. 60 crores at the Box office. It's followed by 'Attarintiki Daaredi' with Pavan kalyan in the lead grossed 40 crores. Both are recent Movies. These are the two highest grossers in Telugu films.
Sandhya Rani I have watched the expensive film - Mada Dheera...in dubbed Tamil version on television a couple of years ago. This movie helped Kajal a lot to get more projects, even Bollywood. Definitely, this expensive film is treat to eyes, expensive sets, costumes etc.... I liked its music too - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago


Now I need to correct my answer. Most recently 2013 release Drishyam starring Mohanlal and Meena has broken the record of highest Malayalam grosser. The movie became the first one from Malayalam to collect 50 crore rupees. The movie was made with a moderate budget of 4.6 crore. I need to tell, in this movie Mohanlal is entirely different from his normal roles, playing a common middle class man. I too have seen this movie, collecting ticket standing in a big queue for more than 2 hours after 2.5 months of its release. But still I wonder how this movie became a such a huge hit in Kerala completing 100 days????????? Same is the opinion of many others.........


now Bahubali is the all time grosser in Indian regional languages, 



I do not know but there are so many movies in Kannada which have done so well.


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