Single film with multiple Climax.....

As far as I know Harikrishnans released in Malayalam in 1997 was the first Indian movie to have multiple ending. This movie witnessed the two megastars - Mammootty and Mohanlal working together after a long gap of about 7-8 years. In fact, they have never worked together after they became stars and 'Fan's associations' still fight to know who is best. So, when the movie was released, its director played a dirty game. It's a love triangle with Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla the central figure, and both the friends with same name, 'Harikrishnan' fighting each other to impress her. Juhi Chawla chooses whom, it's the climax.

In Malabar (North Kerala) as it's Muslim dominated place, Mammootty have more fans there. South Kerala is completely dominated by Mohanlal fans. So, director made two climaxes for the same story, and showed that Mammootty gets Juhi (in North Kerala regions), while in south Kerala it was shown opposite.

a plan was also in Director Faazil's mind to bring Shah Rukh Khan in the climax to give 3 climaxes to the same movie. Promos and newspaper ads were also released. But it didn't happen. However a similar movie was released in same year with Juhi in the lead - Deewana Mastana, where Salman makes a guest appearance to marry her at the climax. Here Anil Kapoor and Govinda played the lead roles.

I would like to know if any such interesting movie has been made in India after that.

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First of all, I'd like to repeat what you said in your question. You described such move as :Dirty Game." Yes it's a dirty game to make bucks from the audiences. Fortunately, Such Dirty Games were not resorted by our Telugu Directors. I don't know whether such Dirty games were played in other Movie centers of the country.
I'm of the opinion a film's strength lies in its tight screen play and deft handling of the screen play by the director. Such dirty games, I'm sure will not work with the intelligent cinema viewers.


In recent time, I have seen Dhoom 3 in which there are multiple climax..
Sandhya Rani Multiple climax for Dhoom 3???? I never heard!! Can you plz explain? Both Aamirs die in the end. What is the other climax?? Not quoted in Wikipedia page.
I read just now, Ra.One had multiple climaxes in the DVD versions...Don't knw more details
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
AKP I don't know how you refer climax... But in dhoom 3 Aamir is thief and steal banks with differnet tricks, and at the middle we come to know that there is double role... It contain many other small climax which we didn't think about them and came out suddenly with the end you mentioned. - AKP - 8 years ago
Sandhya Rani Nandu, it's not what I asked...
Normally all movies have one climax, and in all theatres it will be shown same. But in the case of that particular movie, Hari Krishnans, when the movie was released all over Kerala in 1997, in Trivandrum it showed that Juhi chose Mohanlal as her husband while in North Kerala (Calicut) theatres, it was shown that Juhi choses Mammootty as her life partner. You know well, the clashes bw Mammootty fans and Mohanlal fans associations in Kerala. So, to please both, director did this trick. Also Mohanlal has more fans in Trivandrum (south kerala) while North Kerala exclusively belongs to Mammootty
ask me if u have any doubt
- Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
AKP ok.. I misunderstood the thing. - AKP - 8 years ago

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Nope, this is something I was not aware of..where the climax of the movie is shot differently for different sections of the same state. It is a tricky situation..the director is trying to please all and get the benefit..I mean he must have got the monetary benefit already. Well, I have never come across such a movie that has showcased two different climax as far as Bollywood movies are concerned.

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