Films Celebrating Motherhood

Most recently I happened to watch the controversial Malayalam movie, Kalimannu in which Sweta Menon played the lead role. The movie though completed two years ago, was not released till 2013 following the protests from many women organizations as the movie pictured the real delivery of actress Swetha. Though the movie was directed by one of the most celebrated Malayalam directors who make films on social issues, people didn't believe his words that he didn't shoot vulgarity. The movie is special because the whole movie was shot from the first month of Swetha's real pregnancy, travelling through different phases and the movie ended showing her real labor pain and child birth. So dedicated team!!! But I should say it's one of the best movies I watched in the recent times based on mother-child relationship. Can you find a few more????

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I have seen Kalimannu made by Blessy in Youtube. Blessy is a director who is ahead of the times and hates the hypocritical views of the society and the self styled Puritans who take the woman for granted never bothering to know about the Births pangs of a woman. They say every conception for a woman is a second birth for woman.
Such a painful and agonizing part of a woman’s life should be known to the world without keeping it under wraps. In this regard my head bows down before Blessy for doing such a ground breaking feat.
And when it comes to movies on Mother and child relations, the first that comes to my mind is Mother India and Taare Zameen par. These movies show a mother showing love towards her offspring, even if the child is a heap of bad qualities. This is an act only a Mother can do. And the Mother always tries to see her child overcome his weaknesses with immense patience and forgiveness.
Sandhya Rani So, you have watched the movie? Amazing!!! Though this movie doesn't belong to the same genre of movies made by Blessy, he attempted to make a film on new subject, that has never made before in Indian cinema. I feel so. It's a commercial movie, far away from Blessy's other movies which mostly end in tragedy. Through this movie, the director gives us a lesson that if a person is able to feel the delivery pain suffered by a woman, he will never see her through wrong eyes. But I felt that, the director had to compromise and edit many parts of its climax, to get released in Kerala. Somewhere its beauty lost!!! - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
rambabu I Have seen the movie because of Blessy's adventurous attitude. His intention to break away from monotony drawn me towards him - rambabu - 8 years ago
Sandhya Rani So, you can understand Malayalam without subtitles? Is so, watch his movies Thanmatra and Pranayam, which stars Mohanlal in lead roles. Pranayam stars Anupam Kher and Jayaprada too, with some wonderful songs - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago
Sandhya Rani I forget to add, You can see his debut movie 'Kaazcha' also, if you are an admirer of realistic movies. Its climax hurt me so much that I never dared to see it again. One more movie to mention is his second Palungu. Its climax has a striking similarity to Delhi Nirbhaya case, when one of the accused was send to jjuvenile home as he was not 18 yet. - Sandhya Rani - 8 years ago

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Mother India. This is classic movie starring Nargis and Sunil Dutt. Despite motherlyt affection, she kills her son who tried to abduct village money lender's daughter for revenge.


Mother India which is the movie celebrating motherhood...post that I am not sure which movie can come under this category.


There are many films that glorify motherhood, some of them become quite unnatural . Mother India was very good, through and through except the end...I can never imagine a mother killing her own child no matter what !


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