Breakups of celebrities shown on Indian Screen

It's widely believed that Amitabh Bachchan-Jaya starer Abhimaan is inspired by the true married life of legendary Ravi Shankar and Annapurna Devi.

3 days back, a movie in Malayalam is released, 'How old are you?' The movie has significance for so many reasons. It marked the comeback of the iconic actress Manju Warrior after long 15 years. She debut in 1996 at the age of 16 and said good bye to film field in 1999 after marrying the then struggling actor, Dileep. She acted only 19 movies and for the last one, she received National award special jury mention. Her story is very much similar to Kajol-Ajay Devgan love story and she was no.1 heroine when she left silverscreen. In fact, she is called 'Kajol of Malayalam screen' due to her natural acting skills and in the past 15 years, no heroine has been able to reach her caliber, Really strange! Every new actress is compared with her acting skills!

After her marriage, Dileep never allowed her to act in any movie, though he faced strong opposition from film fraternity, media as well as film lovers. It's widely rumoured that it's only because she has good acting talents, 1000 times more than him and his ego prevented her from acting. She even stopped dancing, though she is a acclaimed classical dancer. She rarely appeared in public as well, truly lived in a prison though owning extra talent. Dileep now became a superstar and looks similar to Salman movies - similar threads in all movies, though cash earners, brainless movies!!!

But before one and a half year, she started stage shows beginning with Guruvayur temple and declared her comeback. She is a brand ambassador of many products and her brand value has reached crores. But the most sad part, they have filed for a divorce! Their single daughter preferred to be with her father.

When I watched the movie, I felt its striking co-incidence with her real life. A common working woman of 36 years, though extra brilliant in academic studies, she sacrificed everything for her husband and daughter. But later she decides to pursue her dreams....

Can you find similar 'real life' breakup stories in Bollywood or any other Indian languages?
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Sandhya Rani

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I remember one movie- Yeh Raaste hain pyaar ke. The movie was based on Nanavati episode. Nanavati was a commander in Navy. A businessman Ahuja had affairs with his wife. Nanavati went to Ahuja and asked him whether he would marry his wife so that he could live a peaceful life. Ahuja remarked- Am I to marry every woman I sleep with?. Nanavati flew in rage and shot Ahuja dead.

Don't trust them, they do everything for a purpose. Soon there will be a movie- Preety Zinta hit by Nes Wadia during a cricket match -and they separated for ever. And it will be an instant success.

I think its all for publicity they are doing.

The breakups may be real or fictional, I think we should not take them seriously because the relationships of celebrities with their spouses or boyfriends or girlfriends are as real as ours are in real life. The only reason they get talked about in public is because they are celebrities. They too feel personal and emotional pains when their relationships don't work. Some of them may indulge in such stuff merely for getting attention or may be a cheap publicity stunt. No reason for us to get worked up over them.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Celebrities like publicity- any publicity, good or bad is good for them since it keeps them in news and their breakups need not really bother us since there is little comparison between the lives of any two couple

usha manohar

Publicity is the most effective tool for the Bollywood folks to keep themselves (as well as the producers) in the limelight. For this these folks will not hesitate to do anything. They make the directors and writers write scripts according to their diktats. I don't have faith on such movies.


Even I don't believe them. Most of them are for publicity. Actually all these things are increased lot, so it is hard to believe any of them.


Waste of time on talking about celebrities breakups.That is their life they will do whatever they want.why public are worring i cannot understand.


I personally feel that we should not care so much about their personal lives, though it seems very interesting.

Sheetal Kumar N

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