What type of movie is "Bahubali" ?

On the first day of its release, the movie "Bahubali" has earned more than 50 crores. What type of movie is this? Love story, thriller or suspense?

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Manoj Kumar Lamba

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Frankly speaking, Bahubali is an episode of the movie yet to be completed. The suspense is at the end and unlike any other hollywood franchise it lacks the storyline and therefore, end is not revealed. Bahubali has special effects only and no unique storyline. The wonderful lofting mountain with invincible heights is quite good and worth appreciatig otherwise, it is not very decent as it recieved the appreciation worldwide. It was marketing strategy to popularise this movie. It is also said that if Baahubali would have been released in single language it would not have been a blockbuster at such a large scale.

Renu Sharma

I have yet to watch this movie but what I read and listen the movie is popular for its photography and camera effects. I hope it will soon be available on TV probably then I'll be able to judge it better.


I have not watched it but it is big action movie. I will watch it when it will release on T.V.


Bahubali is a wonderful film which is like mythology but very action. The look of the film is like Hollywood film. But the picturization is wonderful. If you know the secrets behind the making you will feel more amazing.


Bahubali is an interesting film.

It is an epic film. It has amazing and special effects.

We see adventure, love, romance, action in this film. Really Bahubali is one of the great movie


Bahubali is a typical Blockbuster. I would rather give all credit to Sabu Cyril, the special effects man. And i credit the propaganda machinery which the director Raj Mouli utilised to his advantage. Thats all. Nothing special.



I have not watched it and would have loved to watch it on big screen because of the much talked about special effects ..It is an action film set in the historic times so one can expect lots of thrilling action..

usha manohar

It gives you a feel of Mythological Action movie. It does contain elements of love, betrayal, revenge.

Sheetal Kumar N

Historical Movie


A wonderfully crafted story with a skeptical yet suspense filled ending. Apart from the story, the direction, screenplay and characters playing their role to perfection makes Baahubali a visual treat.

It is a moral filled story with a good script about the kingdom protection and people protection against enemy army.


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