Relatively lesser known Music composers of yesteryears ..

While everyone knows about the top composers of yesteryears like Naushad, SD Burman, SJ, RdB, Salil Chaudhary etc there were many others who were equally talented and gave excellent music to the films they composed music for . I am listing down four such music composers and my own.chouce if their compositions  .Please add your own choice of songs or other lesser known composers of yesteryears and your own choice of songs ..

1, Chitragupt is called a melody maker because of his beautiul compositions..

2, Sonik Omi is a lesser known Music duo who composed music for films like Dil ne phir yaad kiya , Sawan Bhadon

3, Usha Khanna started off with a bang with Dil dekhe dekho and went on to compose many popular tunes ..

4, C Ramchandra was yet another composer who has probably given sone of the best songs for Lata..

Pick your choice or add on ..

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Khemchandra prakash is one of the early famous music directors of Bollywood, best known for the songs of Mahal. Anil Biswas (who scored music of Hum Log series of 1980s, Vasant Desai and a few more names, sadly I can't recollect now.Vasant Desai gave several magical numbers to Bollywood. Guddi is my personal favourite among his compositions. Ghulam Ali co-composed Pakeezah. And how can I forget great Hemant Kumar, known as a singer..Kuch Dil Ne Kaha is very close to my heart.

Jaidev definitely deserves a position among top 10 composers of Bollywood. Songs of Hum Dono - his masterpiece. Ravi and Roshan - two greats of 1950s and 1960s..... List is huge, not easy to mention as everyone knows. Ravi in the 1980s shifted to Malayalam and composed songs under the name, Bombay Ravi.

From the above list, My vote goes to Usha Khanna in the above list, who gave some wonderful songs to Yesudas in Malayalam and Hindi. Madhupan Khushbu Detha hai is one such. I loved her songs of Malayalam movie, Moodal Manju, and also the compositions of extremely popular fantasy serial of Doordarshan in the 1990s - Chandrakanta

usha manohar I agree Jaidev, Ravi, Vasanth Desai and Hemant Kumar did leave a mark.. - usha manohar - 6 years ago

Khayyam, though lesser known composer of yesteryear , composed memorable songs like Aey  Dil -e nadan from the Movie Razia Sultan, Pyaas kuch Kuch aur be bhadka from the movie Lala Rookh, sung by Talat and Asha., Jo ham pe gujarti hai from the Movie Mahabbat isko Kahte hai.

Khayyam himself a singer sang a duet with Geeta Dutt. The song was Teri Zaat hai Akbari from the Movie Heer Ranjha..

Sandhya Rani Khayyam and Kabhi Kabhi...:) - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Shyam Ji Ghanshyam ji also less know music director. Apni Aakhon Main Bithakar, is hit song compose be these. It is of Tokhar film and sung by Rafi.

Sandhya Rani Ramlal is one similar less-known composer. I doubt if he has composed any movie after Geet Gaaya Patharon Ne. Tere Khayaalom Mein Hum is my personal favourite - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
usha manohar Ramlal composed music for another Shantaram film Sehra which had very melodious music ... - usha manohar - 6 years ago

From the list, I give my thumbs up for Usha Khanna, one amongst the handful of female composers that we have or had. Males dominated it and are still dominating.

Hridyanath Mangeshkar is another not so well known composer. Brother of Asha, lata, Usha and Meena ...The famous Mangeshkar sisters.

The latest I can recall is his music in Maya Memsaab. A lovely album with melodious numbers.

anil Hridyanath was composer of Marthi music, he also done some Hindi Movies. - anil - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani I should add Lekin to the list of Hridyanath Mangeshkar's compositions. What an amazing song is 'Yaara Seeli' which gave Lata her final National award. She became the oldest female recipient of this award, and she earned it at the age of 62 or so - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

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