Which is your favorite Hindi biopic?

Written by Category: Movies & Entertainment 4 months ago
Mounica Kodela Hi. I like Neerja movie. I would suggest anyone to watch this movie. Usually with most biopics, we know the person/ celebrity before hand at least to some extent but this movie tells about a very less known figure. Also super30 comes next to my list. - Mounica Kodela - 11 hours ago

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Amal P.S

My all time favourite Biopic are Ms Dhoni The Untold story and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

These two movies have motivated me lot,how to never give up when you are Fully exhausted. I can relate with both the movies.In both the movies the actor has played an amazing role and  in Ms Dhoni The Untold story the actor who played the character of Ms Dhoni is none other than my inspiration my idel Late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Abhishek Kumar

my favorite latest biopic is  Tanhaji.

Ajay Devgan played amazing acting in this story.

I specially like  3D effects of this movie.


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