What do you think about movies like Padman or Toilet - Ek Prem Katha? Do such social issues need to be made into movies so that it inspires others?

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Sheetal Kumar N
swapnil yes, definitely. - swapnil - 3 years ago

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Yes social issues should be made into movies because movies have great impact on us and make us think about the issue presented in the film . And also these movies carry their message to the nooks and coners of the world. Even an illiterate and old people see these movies. So an social issue is made into movies they will definitely inspire then and move them in such a way that they are forced to take action. 


All such movies are most welcome since these movies bring public awareness about most needed upliftment of women folks of this country. In fact the women of India is left too far behind and need immediate care in all such matters. after all how long will they be forced to go to jungles, roadside or fields for simple things like toilet or would use infected clothes? 


Such movies are essential as they bring about public awareness.  Indian society has not yet moved forward hence it is essential that such movies are made that can be a ray of light for masses.

MG Singh

Honestly I have not seen both these films .However , any film that focuses on concerned issues that help the society should definitely be encouraged and the government too should help by reducing the entertainment tax.

usha manohar

Yes, definitely!

In fact, social movies, historic movies, biographies needs to find mainstay in movies so that everything relevant is given to audience & not any classical romantic movies.

Movies play an important role in defining the society as it involves, audio, video, special place, synchrony or many things which make a profound impression on the people watching it & hence the more thought provoking movies are shown the more better & responsible the society & economy will become.


Generally movies are the reflection of society, so they inspires us and also sometime guides us to do better.Youngester generally get affected by moviews so this type of movies can guide them in right direction.


Yeah. such kind of movies will inspire the public


I watched both movies, Both are best one and also useful. After releasing these people are begin to talk about santary napkins and TV also showing many aids of it. Both are associated with health.


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