Is it better to increase existing taxes or bring more people into the tax net?

Government keeps on fiddling around with the existing tax structure year after year in the annual budget, instead of making some long term plans to widen the tax net...
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usha manohar

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It is better to collect tax from various sources and people. Tax base needs be widened. Chankya had aptly state that a king should collect revenue as a bee collects honey from numerous flowers.

Neither would be actually needed if all the big, hi-profile corporates, politicians, builders etc. paid their income taxes honestly and regularly! Also, there is a large creed of various types of contractors and builders who take money from their customers in cash, which is all black money, if this were prevented,then they would be made liable to pay their taxes. And how can I forget the every one's most loved. Bollywood stars, who never pay their taxes? If all these types paid their dues honestly, then we commoners would not have to shell out much more than we really need to pay!
Kalyani Nandurkar

Widening the tax net and bringing more people into the jurisdiction of Tax is an alternative i prefer. Example chit fund business.

I prefer mild increase in taxes along with bringing more people into the tax net is better. Before doing so, government needs to ensure that all those who need to pay, pay their taxes without fail and no black money.

We should pay income tax honestly ,as the govt. need it. Govt. should take more people into the tax net.

More people paying in lesser tax slabs. It's better to decrease taxes/slabs to encourage more people paying more taxes with pleasure.

I think it would be better to bring in more people in the tax paying class. That would divide the tax burden on a certain class of people. Let all the people share the tax.

I would say bring more people into the tax net

I am not in favour of increasing existing taxes. Requirement of PAN for transaction will bring more and more people into tax net.

Increasing tax net of people from all walks of life is not the need of the hour as it has several consequences.

Increasing existing tax make common people suffer. According to me, We have to bring more and more people into the tax net.
Bol Bachchan

I agree with Kalyani on this. We the commoners pay our taxes on time and what happens when govt. owes a takes a long time to process the refund..not sure why. Then what is the use of making so many investment and helping the govt. in running financial institutions well. If the biggies pay their taxes I don't think the tax bracket needs to be modified year after year.
Mousumi Ghosh

Bringing more people in the tax net is better than increasing existing taxes.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Steps must be taken to ensure that most people, if not all, are paying taxes diligently.

Sheetal Kumar N

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