Is joining politics a good career option

One of my younger cousins with brilliant academic credentials and having great career prospect joined politics recently as the spokesperson of a prominent political party .This got me thinking whether politics has become an attractive career option for the younger generations and more importantly will this bring in the much needed change in our political system ?

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usha manohar

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Young Educated politicians are the need of the hour. But there are conditions attached. If he's a spineless puppet who dances to the tunes of his high command, filled with old haggards with outdated views, he cannot sail against the current. Courage and conviction clubbed with dynamic views with a strong will to change established maladies of the country will certainly do a great lot to the country. I'm for such politicians.


Due to corruption and foul games, politics has got a bad name and hence many people think twice before entering in it. If you have an inherent interest to serve people and if you can influence people by your words and deeds, politics is a right choice. The general tendency is that once you join politics, your freedom is partly lost, and you cannot go beyond the limitations of the party. You are always being watched by the ‘big brother’. Educated young generation with broad vision should enter in politics, if we expect some change. Courage, commitment and confidence are essential for survival.  


It depends on person's quality and interest. Yes they can do well if they have potential. 

About politics we all know that it hasn't good reputation. So it is hard to tell if it is good choice or not.


I don't think its a bad option as politicians have a good role in development of a country provided they should be honest and I don't think people disrespect honest people. These days youngsters have an urge to join politics as in our time every one wanted to become a doctor or an engineer unlike today when the kids know that they will have lots of engineers or doctors working under him/her when he/she becomes a politician.

Sanjeev Gupta

Politics is very good option. I.A.S. is considered as a good career opportunity but ultimately politicians have greater role. I remember that a few years ago some I.A.S officers in Kerala resigned and joined politics. We have Yashwant Sinha of BJP,  Manmohan Singh of Congress and many other bureaucrat turned politicians. The BJP leader Kiran Bedi, AAP leader Kejriwal, Anna Hazare of anti corruption movement are some politicians who were once in government service. If somebody wishes to serve as administrator, politics is better option. 

If young bright people such as your cousin wants to join politics, it is a good sign. But before joining I feel they must get adequate education in political science, administration, history etc. to get a better perspective of what makes our country tick. And more importantly, they must be truly open and sensitive to the real issues and want to help people for the sake of helping, and not getting publicity. More and more youngsters need to join politics today.

Kalyani Nandurkar

Yes,it is a good option and also country need young and dynamic politicians to change the country.


Yes, Politics can be a good carrier. Educated politicians are welcomed be public. Clean politics is the need of the day, if you will be able to achieve clean politics you can achieve great targets.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Politics is a wonderful caeer and educated leaders are the essentials in today's acenario. Running a nation or a state requires a considerable knowledge so younger and educated people can work in a better coordination to yield a good result in terms of development. The problems suffered by common people in terms of education, employment, health, technology and several other issues can only be understood by an educated leader so with the developnent in all spheres when India is aspiring to be a developed nation, the educated leaders are both necessity and demand. The business is a run in a better coordinated way by a person who has qualifications to be the businessman similarly, an educated leader is essential and significant for running a better country. I just have a wish, politicians should be leaders having a vision to transform the nation into a better place rather than having a vision to earn himself/ herself by being corrupt and wasting the monies of taxpayers.

Renu Sharma

Politics as a career is good option for ambitious persons having thick skins. The present day politics in India is lucrative but most honest people find themselves unwanted if they try to act with their honest values. I have seen lately the politics has become a business where only sons/daughters succeed with big names to back them up. 


It is right that our country needs some young, dynamic and honest politicians. But over all image of politicians is not good here. For an honest person it is very hard to success in politics. Politics is not game of gentle persons.


May be it's a good career option for many but I will never suggest anyone to join politics. I always feel it's not for those who are simple human beings. To be a politician one needs to be a little complicated which helps to be tricky and that's an important trait for a person to become a successful politician.

Shampa Sadhya

Some people are very interested in politics. They are ready to sacrifice their life for others. The number of well educated politicians are very less in today's politics. We all want sincere and honest people to serve the country. They can act very well for the society and people. There are number of honest politicians around us who utilize their private wealth also for their political parties. At the same-time, some people become active in politics to increase their private property. Do not encourage such people because they exploit the entire society by doing corruption. 

Jincy Aby

A career built with passion and enthusiasm, will turn out to be fruitful. The same would apply to politics as well.

Sheetal Kumar N

I think it depends on person, if he wants to choose consciously and not just for money then it is a good career option.


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