Has anyone here used RTI?

has anyone is this group used the Right to information? if yes, how you did it and for what information?

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The object of Right to information is to empower the citizens, promote transparency  accountability  in the working of the Government and contain corruption. I used this facility to know about a Jewellery shop in my place  that was selling Gold and Silver for a throwaway price. Ultimately the shop proved to be fake. Basing on this information , the police ceased the shop and arrested the owner.

Divya how you did that? can u please explain the process? - Divya - 5 years ago


Using the option if RTI is not all that easy. First of all you need to show a valid reason for applying and once you show this it is easy to do since all the required nformation is available online. But you may not get the required information since the person or organisation concerned will be made aware of such an application and they have the right to get legal help and block the process.

Divya Thanks for the info. - Divya - 5 years ago


No, I am not a legal expert besides it's like kicking a honey bee nest so I won't do that unless I am a party and ready to take the risk.



No. But it is so important and very vital for the people.


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