Can trade normalize relations between India-Pakistan??

I hope that trade is the only option left to tighten the bilateral relation between the two historic rivals.Normalizing their relation is essential for the development of individual economies and for regional integration
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Not until Pakistan learns to behave itself. First it needs to be totally isolated and made to realize that openly encouraging terrorism and sheltering terrorists is  unacceptable. After it cleanses up its act may be we can think of any kind of trade with Pakistan, never before that because they have shown that they are backstsbbers and totally untrustworthy .

usha manohar

Not at all.. Because of Terrorism it is not possible to have peaceful trade between the two


No hope of normal relation with Pakistan even all problems solved with him. 


Trade and firing cannot go hand in hand. Unless Pakistan learn to behave, it will one day lose trade relations with many countries but of course not China.

Alakananda Sikdar

Pakistan government is not able to understand what is good for them and for their citizen.They only understand what terrorism is, they don't deserve to have trade with India because they will try to do some terrorist activity with trade too.

Aditya tripathi

Pakistan is an enemy Country of India. It is a country that cannot be riled.

anil But is enemy country of Pakistan - anil - 4 years ago
anil But India is enemy country of Pakistan - anil - 4 years ago

Looking at things in today's conditions only gun is the solution to make them understand the reason. Talks won't do any good with them but firepower is the only solution.


Hopefully things would improve.

Sheetal Kumar N

Seems difficult after PM's decision to launch surgical strike on Pakistani soil. However, the strike was more on priority than economic relations between the two states in light of Pakistani support to terrorist infiltration in India and harboring so called "jehadis", who might not have read even a single page of Quran but still think anti-India activities in J&K as a service to the almighty.

Subhro Kanti Ghosh.

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