Shashi Tharoor & Modi ji issue

What is your take on Shashi Tharoor questioning Modi ji for not wearing skull cap ?

Category: Politics

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I feel that issues should not be created over very small things.

arjun sai I agree but the motive of this question was to justify whether what Mr Tharoor did was right or wrong - arjun sai - 4 years ago

Wearing a skull cap is a choice. It does not indicate your secularism and degree of secularism. Congress leaders do not hesitate to wear skull cap. But they have only kept the community in a bad condition by not letting them rise above religion. They opposed Triple talaq that clearly shows their attitude for development of the community. Mod did not wear skull cap but thought of modernizing Madrasas and banning triple talaq. Now who is more secular and progressive?? Tharoor has also hurt sentiments of tribes by calling their cap as funny.

I think congress comes up with these silly things as they have failed on real issues.


Shashi Taroor seems to think he is a know all ...questioning everyone from Modi to the British Queen . He should also learn to question himself and his actions and be pen to criticism. When you criticise everyone be ready to face criticism..


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