Best comedy Bollywood movie in your opinion......

My favourite is of course Golmaal of 1979 and I feel no other comedy film equals to Golmaal. All Raju Hirani movies are also exceptionally the best and I like all of them, definitely the best since 2000s.

Some of the most popular comedy films over the years include - Padosan, Chupke Chupke, Angoor, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Satte pe satta, Jaane bhi do yaaron, Kabhi ha Kabhi na, Andaz Apna Apna, and Hera pheri (remake of 1989 Malayalam classic Ramji Rao speaking) have attained cult classic status, apart from Munna Bhai series and 3 Idiots of Hirani. Golmaal series of Ajay Devgan, Hulchul, Hungama and Garam masala (remake of longest running malayalam Godfather - 1992, Poochakkoru Mookkuthi 1985 and Boeing Boeing 1985 respectively), Welcome, No entry, Khosla ka ghosla, Tere bin ladan, ishq, Chachi 420, Sholay (though not a full fledged comedy) Badshah, Chennai express, Bol bachchan, Masti, Yes Boss are a few more to mention.

I hate David Dhawan comedy most, though they are colourful hits at box office like No.1' series with Govinda. Yet I like 'Mujhse shaadi karoge' and 'Dulhan hum le jayenge'.

In your opinion which is the best? Also list your top 5.......
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Sandhya Rani
anil I think every one in agree that mehmood is one of the best comedyen of his time. Bombay to Goa, Padosan, Angur, Chasmey Badoor, Golmal are some films which are good one. - anil - 5 years ago

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Out of the movies that you have listed here, my vote for goes to the following:
Golmaal -starring Amol Palekar
Chachi Charsobees (Remake of an English movie Mrs. Doubtfire, which is hilarious and equally good)
Munna Bhai
Bol Bachhan
Chennai Express
Mujhse shaadi karoge

I have exceeded my list, I have enjoyed most of the movies you have listed here, hence difficult to pick any five.
Mousumi Ghosh
Sandhya Rani So, 2 votes for 1979 Golmaal...... - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Mousumi Ghosh Absolutely..Golmaal is the best ..and I can watch it again and again... - Mousumi Ghosh - 6 years ago
Sandhya Rani let me add Chachi 420 was first made in Tamil in the year 1996 titled, Avvai Shanmukhi. Kamal Hassan played the lead role and its success prompted him to remake in Hindi......Legendary actor/comedian Nagesh played the makeup artist in the Tamil version - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Padosan, Chupke Chupke, Angoor, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Satte pe satta, Jaane bhi do yaaron, Kabhi ha Kabhi na were all excellent comedies.....I cannot think of anything after that since I hardly see any movies now..
usha manohar
Sandhya Rani Golmal not in the list - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Padosan, Chupke Chupke, Angoor, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Satte pe satta and I don't want to hide the fact I have taken the list from Usha. I wanted to add few Shammi Kappor Starers in the list like Professor, Junglee etc and Joy Mukerjee's movies but the limit of 5 will stop me at this.
Sandhya Rani Now i remember one movie with some hilarious comedy scenes .....Shagird, a beautiful movie with some good songs - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago

Chaltika naam gadi, Padosan are the best comedy movies of all time.




The one you have named is one of my favourite comedy film and other than that Rekha's Khoobsurat is also my favourite. The beauty of these two movies is: People laugh without any tickling and have no obscene dialogue to make the audience have fun. Two most simple movies but touch human heart through comic timing.   

Shampa Sadhya

Film which is best for one is not must that it is also like by others. For me Angoor and Chasmey Baddoor ( Faroq Shekh and Depti Nawal starat is best one. If you like to lough to much that watch Bombay to Goa. Khoobsoorat is also good one.


Chachi 420 was funny. Golmaal series is fun too.

Sheetal Kumar N

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