Should foreign tours for MLAs and MPs be abolished ?

It is called study tour but it is anything but that. They have a gala time enjoying themselves at the tax payers expense and come back and give a report that is copied and pasted from the net (that's exactly what happened in Karnataka MLA's case) Is this not a wasteful expenditure which serves no purpose ?
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usha manohar

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The tours should not be abolished but strictly regulated. There is no need to send all members on tour. Members for sending on tour may be selected by speaker on some sound criteron. Also there should be no such tour at the fag end of assembly tenure.

No I don't think so. These are like educational tours which give experience and knowledge on how to execute new projects. The people who go for such tours should know the value of tax payers money but that is not being done by anyone so why should they go against the set traditions.

Such foreign tours are conducted for yielding good results. But what to do if they are doing so, to spent money, the same money the common man spent as tax???
Politicians are spending lot of Indian money useless, for one reason or other. No rules are there to check their extravagance. During office hours, they attend marriages and inaugurate textiles and private buildings, travelling by vehicles provided by government. Is there anyone to check those expenses???
What I feel, whether foreign tour or 'Indian tours' politicians are wasting lots of money.

Even corporate companies are promising foreign tours if their employes yield good results. Why can't we impliment it in Indian politics also? Definitely, extra expenses through travels should be cut short

Sandhya Rani
suni51 A test should be conducted at the end of the tour to judge what they learned in such tours. - suni51 - 7 years ago

These pleasure trips under the guise of study tours should be stopped immediately. What these trips are going to cost and what they are of use to the taxpayer is of everybody's knowledge.

As far as I see the so called study tour is nothing but an excuse to go on a tour at the tax payers expense...A study tour is required only when there is something to be studied abroad that is not found in our country.The other day one of the Karnataka MLA when asked what they studied in Australia spoke about looking at tigers and looking at desert life. Now are they joikng? do they have to spend more than a crore odd rupees to see tiger and desert in Australia ? So, in my opinion all such junkets should be stoped unless absolutely necessary . A record shuld be kept of what went on and what was studied etc etc...of all such t study tours for future reference !
usha manohar

If at all such study tours are to conducted and to an extent, they are necessary too. But sending MLAs, MPs etc. who are generally not even educated, makes no sense. In fact, special consultants should be selected who can actually understand the subject or system in question they are going to study to a foreign country, or at least the MLAs and MPs should be made to pass some kind of tests etc. to determine if sending them is going to be useful. Otherwise all that happens in such cases is they get to tour foreign countries at public's expense with no use whatsoever other than their fun trip!
Kalyani Nandurkar

I feel foreign tours are not necessary because in countries like India, the MLAs and MPs are not great professionals to learn from these tours. If it all allowed, I strongly condemn 18 MLAs taking the foreign tour. Its very disheartening that 18 MLAs from Uttar Pradesh, India, are on their 2-week foreign tour while 1000s of people who were affected by Muzafarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) communal clash are starving to death still. Why can't the Govt. spend those lacs of money for those innocent dying people.
Education tours will help indeed, but foreign tours are not necessary while these MLAs and MPs don't even visit their authorized regions.

No, the tour must be accountable & result must be reflected in the economy.

I don't think foreign tours should be abolished but not all or any MLA should be allowed to go on foreign tours and waste the money that we as tax payers give out every month. Instead, there should be some criteria, which if fulfilled by the MPs, and MLAs, should be sent for such tours. If these tours are used just as pleasure better be done with their own money.
Mousumi Ghosh

foreign tours should not be abolished but certain regulatory or observation should be kept on them in order to achieve what  they were sent for


Yes I am agree with Ghosh, selected MP and MLAs must be sent for foreign tours. Some MPs and MLAs are illiterate. What they learn in foreign countries?


If they are utilized for the right reasons, it should be okay for ministers to travel abroad.

Sheetal Kumar N

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