Which are the best places in world that we should visit atleast once in our lifetime?

Which are the most beautiful places in the world that we need to see atleast ince in lyftime :)


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kavya Ayyalaraju

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There are many places where I wold like to visit in my life. I wold prefer to go to Kailash - Mansarover in China at least once. In world I would like to visit New Zealand, Sweden, Australia.

Sanjeev Gupta

I think Kanyakumari should be one place to go once in a lifetime.


Venice ,Eiffel tower, taj Mahal, pyramids of giza,Greece etc are the places I want to visit once in my life.


It's difficult to pick a few places which one must see. But , my favorite places are the places with architectural grandeur and Artistic splendor. Italy, Greece, Rajasthan, Rajasthan etc.


Ladakh is the place, one should go. It is little one of good places to visit. One should also go to Darjeeling, Kolkata. You should also go to south Kerala. In India, there is so many places you can visit.

For me the best one would be Paris. I would also love to to New Zealand and Australia. Dubai would be my favorite.

Ronark Bhardwaj

Speaking philosophically, the world is a great place and hence, one must try visit many places to relish over the beauty of cultures and nature's diversity. However,it is not possible to visit all the places of the world. It is advisable to choose the destinations as per the interest. If one is interested in nature Switzerland, Sweden and other Nordic countries are undoubtedly the best choice. However, for architecture geeks Paris along with Italy and Belgium  are just like some heaven. If you want peace, then Georgia is a must. For ancient history Egypt is the best choice. If you wanna experience the fickle-minded climate go to london and if you are Hollywood fan Los angeles is just the best. Well! The best tourist destinations are quite subjective. I may like nature while you might be interested in architecture or vice-versa but every place has some hidden beauty and wherever you visit you must try to unveil that wonderful beauty.

Renu Sharma

i want to visit venice and paris once


My dream place Switzerland


I like to visit Kashmir and Australia at once in my life.


I want to visit the top most peak of Great Himalayas,the mount Everest.... 


In India i want to visit Himalayas and in foreign countries wants to visit Switzerland.


Just a year ago I have visited shimla Manali.. And I can say that people must see the places around them. They are just beautiful.


My dream places are Mount Kailash and the Himalayas.


I think the sky is the limit for such places. My list would include Alaska, Alps, Himalayas, The Great Canyon Valley (Colorado Valley), and a cruise down the entire length of the River Nile.

Kalyani Nandurkar

I think Kashmir would be one such place. Next would be Paris.

Mousumi Ghosh

The world is beautiful and my list is long, so i will not name any particular place but enjoy every place I will get chance to visit. But if you ask me to chose one place, I will prefer to go to Valley of Flowers again and again.


There are many places on this earth that are stunning and definitely worth visiting in ones life time....I feel that nature overtakes everything else...So, in my list of must see places include Himalayas, Chinese mountain range and lake at Yangshuo , Colarado valley and The various mountain peaks of alps muntain range in Switzerland, Austria and Italy..

usha manohar

I want to visit Kerala, Goa and also Kashmir. 


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