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Now a days why people interested in online shopping 

Written by Category: Shopping & Leisure 6 years ago

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It is a question of convenience and once the tend sets in everybody follows it..It is the same with everything else.Super markets and malls were not there two decades ago but now you get to see them everywhere and people like shopping in these places, so also online shopping , which has caught with the internet users.It is a big business which means many people use it.

usha manohar
Sandhya Rani very nice told - Sandhya Rani - 5 years ago

Now a days most of the people are busy with their mechanical life,because of that they prefer to online shopping.

P.Bindu True.People today look for convenience. - P.Bindu - 7 months ago

Online shopping has become little cheaper and convenient in some products, so people have drifted towards online shopping.

Ronark Bhardwaj

though online shopping sites are there, it is not easy to make people convinced to buy products from an online store. we people are running an online store. another reason quoted by some people, "Shopping is a form of exercise after retirement" and they choose to stay away from "delivery at door step" concept........


Sandhya Rani

I don't think, all are interested in online shopping. Now a days  even in semi cities well equipped markets are there. Most of the people see and feel the commodity they want to buy first. This facility is not there in online shopping. Personally I will not go for online shopping .



People are becoming much lazy and some becoming mijar. Lazy people feel they just through money and things will come but mijar people feel, if they goto shop and purchase then they need to spend more money on the particular thing which they want to purchase as tax, shop tax, traffic, fuel and time. They feel they are very clever. But the things which come online will be very delicate and surely after few months the thing should get replaced. 


Since we lead busy lives and due to the convenience people prefer to shop online most times, though not always.

Sheetal Kumar N

It is cheap, economical with various options with home delivery and No cost emi apart from discounts and other offers. Also it saves time and energy. On the flip side it is making people lazy and unhealthy being glued to Virtual world without much real life connection.


1.They get to compare prices,quality,service,reviews of many products easily.

2.For better prices.

3.A lot of time is saved.

4.Wide selection.

5.Product replacement and refund is simple.


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