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If a girl going to marry,taking money and gold with her to husbands house is necessary?


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No it is not necessary. The only money which she and her husband earns will help them lifetime and the money which she brings from her home may help her only for few days.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Dowry is a social evil. It should be avoided because it is a punishable crime. What all you need is both of you should have mutual understanding, trust and mutual respect for a Happy Married life.


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The bride need not give money or gold to her husband in the name of dowry. Once became life partners, it is the husband’s responsibility to protect his wife. But, we are living in a society that creates all strange customs. If the husband is a determined person, dowry can be avoided.


No need to give something as dowry. Now, the current trends which change the guys mentality. They don't accept any dowry in the form of cash or gold. But, some of the place it is still going on.

M.Thamarai Selvi

dowry system  there is need to stop this practice


Dowry is an evil and it must be stopped. I believe men need to take a strong step towards abolishing this practice and girls too need to be strong. They should not give dowry to get married. 

Shampa Sadhya

Wel, there is no need to give dowry to get marry according to the present trend. But still there are many people who play with the girls parents and with girl by asking dowry. I have seen many cases who harassed their daughter in law for dowry and who stopped performing marriage of their son for having more money for the sake of dowry, moreover they wont even bother about their son age getting age bar.


Dowry had its own practical implications during olden days . But now it had become a means to fleece the bride and her family ..

usha manohar

Taking dowry is a crime. It is not essential but our society has made it essential for a girl to have it when comes to husband's House after marriage. 

Sanjeev Gupta

I do not like this practice. I feel any boy who has self respect should not accept dowry of any kind.

Sheetal Kumar N

In the history of India; the age of marriage was not fixed by the government and the people do marriage in the small age and the new couple was not able to earn money for them. At that time the parents give some money, utensils, gold, etc to start a new life to the new couple. From this, the dowry system started.

It is very bad to demand anything from the parents of girl these days; as now every couple can earn money by own. The government has made a law to give punishment to the demanding person of dowry.


Dinesh Sood

Not at all.

She has to live with her spouse and family.She has to carry values so that her married life is successful and happy.She has to be a life partner,a mother,a caretaker,a home maker.She just needs to fulfill these roles to the best of her capability.

She is leaving her house and starting a new life.She should be given the freedom to live a life of her dreams with all the adjustments needed.

Dowry is an evil practice.It needs to be ended.A woman is no less than wealth.


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