Do you shop online for your groceries?

Written by Category: Shopping & Leisure 5 years ago
Ronark Bhardwaj

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Although I do online shopping for other things I do not shop online for groceries since I prefer to see the expiry date etc before buying...It is the same with vegetables and fruits, in fact all day today consumer goods ,I prefer to buy  myself, and I like doing it !

usha manohar

It is better to shop manually for grocery items.. Cause may be by quality, price sizes, etc.. which u have to choose & purchase for your needy..Now the trends are changing..


I go to supermarkets,state supplyco and wholesale markets for grocery shopping.


I never shop online for groceries

Nidhi Rajput

In the lockdown; we do shopping online for groceries frequently. Otherwise, we prefer to go to the market to get groceries.

Dinesh Sood

Yes I do shop online from few trusted stores .


Grofers are few good sites

roza mansoori

Occasionally I do that  I prefer shopping offline for grocerry  

Sanjeev Gupta

No. We prefer buying them in the stores.

Sheetal Kumar N

Basically I prefer to buy groceries from local market but when I have a tight schedule I go for online.I buy my groceries from Bigbasket. Here too I  avoid frozen products.


I never shopped groceries online but my roomate shopped online as she has no time to go out and get them.  Always busy in job. Most of the software people purchase everything online. It may look strange but shopping groceries online also prefered by many people who are much busy.


I shop online but not for groceries. My shopping is limited mostly to travel related items and few attractive offers in electronics and household category.


No, I do not buy online. I get the things which I require from local market and feel comfortable.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

Hai Ronak, Yes i do shop online for groceries, According to my area, I would prefer bigbasket grocery app, there is grofers and peppertap; but they donot service to our area. But just ensure you donot buy anything frozen because they usually deliver it without using a cold chain

Swetha Shenoy

I am not in favor of online shopping of groceries. Online shopping of books or electricla item is OK but no online shopping of groceries. We must be remembers that live hood lacs of people of our country is depends of small  retail shops.


Now we are running an online grocery store in Thrissur where orders are being processed in a daily basis. You people might not believe. Our customers mostly rely on us not for branded products or cosmetics, but for grocery including vegetables, cereals, fruits and daals. More than 80% sales is on groceries though offers run for branded products as well. So nowadays we have begun to feel "People are interested to go to malls or super markets to buy branded products of their choice" and so we are keeping less inventory for such products..... Mostly personal care products.....


Sandhya Rani

I shop online for a lot of stuff but never the groceries because I too, like Usha has mentioned, like to check the expiry date of most items before buying. However, I have checked out many sites that sell grocery items and feel that the local shops and markets offer a better deal in prices than online. If at all, we find groceries going really cheap, there is the issue of those things past expiry date and of old stock so they want to clear it out soon. So it is better to buy from local market where you can be assured of the quality.

Kalyani Nandurkar

I don't do Online shopping for any thing. I live in a cosmopolitan city where everything is available. Added advantage the Malls allow me to check the product physically.



I used to shop online mostly for items like books and sometimes for electronic accessories, but never done for groceries.


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