Do you find shopping a relaxing activity ?

We have no dearth of shopping centers and malls in our country these days and one can see that most of them are packed to capacity during the evenings on week days and throughout the weekends .I wonder if all those people are seriously shopping or just spending time looking at stuff , basically doing window shopping and relaxing with family and friends ! So, is shopping a relaxation for you or do you go to the shops only when you have something to buy?

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usha manohar

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I go for shopping only when the necessity arises. I don't even go to malls, when all my necessities are available just in my neighbor hood.  In my place where I live, most of the things including ready made garments and other tings are available in smaller shops.



Oh yes totally, I love shopping and do find it relaxing. But more than the malls and supermarkets, I like to go shopping in the local markets, especially a very very large market in Pune called Gultekdi, which is a wholesale market for all kinds of stuff, groceries, vegetables, fruits etc. At least once in a month I and my husband like to go there. Browsing around the vegetables and fruit stalls is very soothing and relaxing and one gets to see quite colorful people as well.

Kalyani Nandurkar

I love shopping and it is extremely relaxing. Well, being in a middle class family it is not possible that I go for shopping without any need. It happens occasionally but not regularly. I feel more thrilled when I shop for my loved ones than when I do my personal shopping.  It's sheer pleasure.  

Shampa Sadhya
Kalyani Nandurkar It is the same with me, but I totally like to do window shopping once in a while, it too is quite relaxing even if we do not buy anything for us. - Kalyani Nandurkar - 5 years ago
Shampa Sadhya That's true. When I get an opportunity then I too enjoy window shopping but the point is I need to go out for that which becomes hectic with thirteen year old son whose exams and all are quite time consuming. - Shampa Sadhya - 5 years ago

Shopping is not a place to relax, while doing shopping you have to move from here and there, select the matter of your need. If I am tired I never go to shopping. Only when I feel I require this thing is necessary to purchase.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

For me shopping is the best place to relax. It diverts my minds and gives happiness. I would love to shop alone when my mind is in disturbed position. You can also try this. When you are in depressed mood or disappoint position then you alone go to shop that may be anything you like. for example an ice cream or any thing according to your interest. Then you see how happy you feel.


I like to go for shopping when I am bored or tensed about something.. Shopping helps to divert the mind and keep it engage with something that is more visual.. Its not necessary I will purchase everytime I shop, but yes just window shopping makes me feel good. 


For me shopping is a very relaxing activity if done during week days when the malls and shopping areas are less crowded or less it can be very stressful..

usha manohar

I hate shopping and it in fact is stressful for me to make and list and step out of home to shop for it in crowded malls and markets. But I have to do it be it weekend groccery shopping or other things. 

However, When my sister-in-law is here, I love to accompany her for her sari shopping. I also enjoy scrolling down on online stores and check the latest fashions. When alone ( nobody to bug), I love to go to handloom exhibitions and buy stuffs. Basically, I enjoy window shopping and that realxes me. 

Arunima Singh

Basically I go for window shopping to see all the different kinds of products present in different shops and their range in different shops. I compare the rates and offers given by different shops. In doing so sometimes it acts as a diversion from my busy schedule for  me so I do get relaxed to an extent.


Shopping to me is relaxing activity. It serves as a distraction from the mundane chores.

Sheetal Kumar N

I go for shopping when I have to buy something not for time pass. There are lots of people who go to malls but don't have to buy anything. 

Sanjeev Gupta

I don't like shopping but i think there are many health benefits of shopping.

it lift your mood because shopping is associated with the sense of achievement.

lower stress levels because of social interaction with people.

improves mental acuity. physically active by walking,going up and down escalators for buying clothes. and mentally active when you revise your budget,checking items and calculation of total amount. socially active when you meet up with friends or you hold small talk with an employee at a department store.

it can really make your day and gives opportunity to enjoy with family and friends.

Shopping from one department store to next while you carry heavy bags has been proven to be a good workout for the heart and body.


Nidhi Rajput

I go for shopping to buy necessities.When all purchase is done for a month,it does give great satisfaction.All the hustle bustle in the market place,i enjoy,looking at all the stuff being sold,people,everything related to shopping i enjoy.More than shopping,sight seeing gives pleasure.


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