Infidelity or Less Time Together - Which kills a relation first?

Either it's a romantic relationship or spouse relationship, quality time is very important - A little time to spare for our dear one. Faith in a relationship is also equally important. Absence of anyone of these can ruin the relationship a lot. But which one can bring abrupt end to a relationship without a reconcile. Which of the above factor can ruin a relation most?

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Sandhya Rani

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Infidelity. Because. Being Unfaithful to the spouse, definitely  one day or other surfaces up. It goes without saying, infidelity  is the  main reason breaks the Relationships.


Sometimes both are connected, because they spend less time with each other, they may get attracted to others.. However, infidelity is the major cause which cannot be corrected since the deed is already done , whereas spending less time with each other can always be rectified by spending more time with each other.

usha manohar
Sandhya Rani U told it absolutely right, giving correct instances to support the answer. Thank you - Sandhya Rani - 4 years ago

Certainly infidelity ruins relationship. Spending less time together may cause some stress but if it's for the betterment of their future, career and so on then it cannot spoil ones relationship because they think logically. Third person in a relationship is like an abscess naturally it leads to an end of a relationship among the other two.

Shampa Sadhya

Infidelity will definately ruin the relationship and there is less chance of getting back to the same relationship. But it doesn't mean that sparing less time together will not ruin the relationship. If a couple spends less time together where they hardly communicate with each other, can ruin the relationship as there is a great chance of either of the partner to get attracted to another person. Spending less time together can actually lead to infidelity which ultimately will ruin the relationship. 


Infidelity certainly kills the relationship. The main ingredient of any relationship is trust and infidelity certainly kills that trust. But if we go deep into many infidelity cases, we would see that they are a result of "not spending quality time" together. So it is built upon the lack of connect and bonding between individuals in the relationship. I will compare it to medical situation. Once you stop taking care of your body and ignoring it's maintenance, you become sick and slowly so sick that you are on life support system to survive. Once that life support system is removed, you die. Here when you do not spend time together, you ignore the maintenance of relationship, make it sick and take it to the stage of life support system. Infidelity comes and removes that and kills your relationship.

So what ends with Infidelity has it's origin in not spending time together.

Arunima Singh

Infidelity kills a relation totally. A person who is one a cheater is always a cheater. Not giving each other time brings bitterness in relationship. However, it can be rectified with a littke effort.

Alakananda Sikdar

Infidelity kill the relationship without any hope rekindling. Because if a person loses trust on once  betyer half it cannot be built again.


According to me, it is the lack if time spent together which is the real disruptor.

Sheetal Kumar N

Infidelity kills a relationship first.A relationship is based on love,trust and togetherness.Spending quality time with each other enhances the beauty of a relationship.

When trust is lost on account of infidelity,no amount of time spent together can build the relationship.


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