did you get your new notes?


did u get your existing rs500 and rs. 1000 notes exchanged???? did u get the new Rs. 2000 note???

when r u planning to get it??

how do u plan to change your old notes?

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I think many of Boddunan members are in waiting queue right now and when they get it, it will be something like an innocent kid getting a candy. :)

In my case, my hubby will do it. I just need to sit at home comfortably. Let him wait :)

Actually we dont keep too much cash at home. I mostly keep 10 rs, 100 rs etc after making monthly payments every time in the first week. So it's not a major issue for us.


For me, the necessity of exchanging new notes never arises. Because I always keep r. 100. in my house.all my monthly necessities like Rations  etc are paid in Rs.100 denominations.


I too dont have much money in hand... most transactions are either through cash or net banking. But my maid has 30K in hand. All in 500/1000 need to get that changed for her :):)

BTW saw huuuuuge queue outside banks today morning... felt sad for the people... waiting in the sun for their turn to come to get the currency changed. 

Sandhya Rani You give 30K to maid as wages??? - Sandhya Rani - 6 years ago
Divya she has been with for more than 5 yrs.. so its accumulated over a period of time :P - Divya - 6 years ago

Most of our transactions are cashless through cards or sodexo coupons. I had only 5000 in my house which we keep for rainy times or emergency in case card does not work or otherwise. I just withdraw money to pay my milkman, maid and gardener in cash. Rest transactions are in cheque or card. 

I am not even in the queue to get that 2000 note. It will one day land into my hands eventually when it is well floated in market. I will wait for it.

Meanwhile, today my younger daughter came screaming that her bus driver uncle showed everyone a pink 2000 Rs crisp note, the one that we kept seeing in whatsapp messages since last two days


I had some hundred rupee notes and five hundred rupee and One thousand rupee notes as well. I have been able to use them at petrol bunk  and other places ..So, there is no undue hurry to run to the bank and many people are rushing to the bank out of fear psychosis re than anything ..


Old notes were exchanged for new notes.


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