How long it takes for payment to reach you?

I got a mail to send the details about my bank account so that the payment can be send. It has been more than two weeks now and nothing is reflected in my bank account. My dashboard status shows paid by check. I have not received any so far. No message was sent.  after that. I sent my query through Contact us section but have not received any reply. I just wanted few clarification. How long will it take? Was it bank transfer or through mail? Have other members received it? Thank you.

Category: Shopping & Leisure

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I have received my payment immediately after it was credited ..Since this is the first time I guess it takes a little while for the admin to make a money transfer..


I am back to the site after a gap. My father in law was struggling with cancer and passed away this month. It had been long time and still I have not received any payment or reply. It is demotivating


I never had a problem in getting payment from the site  I don't know how its working these days as I left the site around 3-4 years back. 


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