What is this adhoc award??

I was surprised at seeing adhoc award of Rs15 given to few members here on Boddunan and I am one of the recipients. It is always good to get awards and feels good but I was not sure of as to what it is all about. We have got Rs15 for our Group Discussion participation. So now what is this adhoc award?? I am so excited. 

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Arunima Singh
Sanjeev Gupta But thats credited twice in the account. - Sanjeev Gupta - 2 years ago

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Even I got this. Seems to be a new positive start.

arjun sai

Even I am surprised to see it in my earnings. May be admin transferred it by mistake. 

Sanjeev Gupta

It is for the group discussion , Sunil mentioned it that all those who participated and completed the required criteria were paid ..
usha manohar
Arunima Singh We have got it in addition to that. - Arunima Singh - 2 years ago

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