where can one by good quality products , online or usual store?

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roza mansoori

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It could be both online and in the market, departmental store ..pricing and affordability plays a major role while you choose a product. I know by experience that you can get pen drives for half the price when you buy online , the same product and same brand

usha manohar

Depends, now a days most people are preferring online stores for Mobiles & Electronic small gadgets like Power Bank, OTG, Back Panels. etc as they cannot be duplicate or poor products. For furniture, it is preferrable to go to physical stores and buy as it cannot be assessed online regarding quality and also it may not be so durable.

Good and bad products are everywhere, it is only our experience that will tell us where to buy. Many people are preferring online for Mobiles as they are standard and they are getting at less price, with less time consuming by comparing online only. For other products still online is not so good I feel.


You get good quality branded products on both online shopping and in physical stores. Sites like Flipkart and Amazon are trustworthy. It is a tough competition and they are concerned about quality service to stay in market. But if you prefer to have a feel of the product, you might like to buy it from physical store. You can also have a touch and feel at physical stores and buy the same thing online of there is good offer and discount.

Arunima Singh

For quality product I prefer physical store. At physical store we can check product properly before buying it. It is not possible in online shopping.


 Nowadays in this rat race world people mostly prefer do buy things quickly by sitting at home rather than going to the trouble of shopping in the physical stores.If we go with well reviewed online website there are less chances of getting bad products even if we get a bad product we can always return it. 

So we should take care to read the reviews and return policy before buying.


First check customer feedback.

Ashley Prince

If anyone living in a remote area than the online is the best way to get quality product otherwise the usual store is the best option. Using online we can buy items that are not easily available in the local market. Also, we can get discounts on online purchases.

But you can bargain in usual stores if you have good negotiation skills.

Conclusion: Both are good depends on the conditions of the purchaser.

Dinesh Sood

if you want to save time then you can go for online otherwise usual store is good beacuse there is no case of duplicate products sometimes fraud take place in online shopping your products can be change from the actual image product and this is my personal experience.

Nidhi Rajput

People prefer online products because there is less hassle and discounts are available.Sometimes all products are not available in usual stores.Trends can be followed online.

But i don't think quality goods are confined to any one of them.Still,i would prefer usual stores as i can make the best choice,based on goodwill,selection and prices.


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