Online shopping vs mystery shopping

 Online shopping is very popular now. But my question is what is mystery shopping? Why they pay money?  Is they  truly pay money? Tell some genuine mystery shopping sites in India. 

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Every one is aware of online shopping but now a day there is a new way of making money which is called Mystery shopping. 

Now what is mystery shopping? 

Mystery shopping is now a day a popular way of making money in countries like Usa, Britain, Canada etc. Where you can get paid while shopping for groceries etc on nearby malls. 

How you make money here ?

To make money you have to join such platform which pay for mystery shopping. Now when ever you go shopping just take your mobile with you and keep clicking pictures various products with price tag or payment slips etc. And when you submit those picture to such platform you get paid.

Now you must be wondering why these platform pay you to mystery shopping? 

I will answer you with an example.

Let's say I am going to launch my potato chip in the market. So I have to study the market for various factors like

Which is most popular brand?

Easily available brand?

Cheapest brand .

Popular flavour .

Rebate  given or other schemes.

Etc etc  etc etc.

Now what I do. I pay such platform to conducting this survey. And these platform in turn hire mystery shoppers and pay a part of their earning to the mystery shoppers.


Online shopping is buying stuff through internet from online retailers such as amazon, flipkart, ebay etc. and directly from the manufacturer's sites. Whereas mystery shopping is done by market research agencies and the markets themselves to keep a check on the quality of products, service, compliance with safety and quality standards etc. eg. A shopping mall may employ mystery shoppers of their own who time to time visit the mall posing as shoppers and assess how friendly/unfriendly, helpful, rude/polite etc. the sales staff are, how the things are handled by them etc. Both these things are totally different from each other.


Mystary shopping is like to know about the product of the company and show the report who hae appointed you to find the mystary of the particular product.


Yes, online shopping is very much used by many. What I feel is,one must be cautious.


They do pay you when you take part in mystery shopping . I was part of one such where I got the product I bought , also money for doing the job.


But while shopping online, we must be cautious 


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