How to get traffic for a coupon website?

I want to earn through digital marketing, for this I am developing a coupon website. Now I want to learn some tricks that help my website to get more traffic. My website is

Category: Online Shopping

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Hi Manoj 

Firstly make your website attractive. Analysis other coupon websites and find what they are doing. After that, I would suggest you to advertise your site through social media like, facebook, twitter, Google+, linkedIn, pinterest, Instagram, and others. now instagram is more popular than others.


I think, by posting  posts related to real life incidents and cartoons will definitely increase the traffic to the website


Making your website functionally attractive and keeping it relevant and up to the expectation ( maintaining the quality) will make any website successful. Go for a deep research...visit other such websites, evaluate their positives and drawbacks. This will help you being more aware and prepared. All the best!!


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