Where exactly is the Lambadi settlement outside Hyderabad??

There are many settlements of Lambadis or Lamanis in and outside Hyderabad, I came across an article on the internet about one such community. I want to know if any one can tell me where exactly they are. I am planning to visit HYD in June and want to visit this places for photographing. So any information, any one has is greatly appreciated!


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Lambadis live in groups in places known as 'Lambadi Thandas'. Thanda is a village. Lambadis mostly live in the Telangana area. Tourism corporation of Andhra pradesh will help you in directing you to the locations where Lambadis live. The APTDC is located in Hyderabad.
They are concentrated Karimnagar district, Eturunagaram, which are in Telangana. Anyhow you may take the help of APTDC. It’s running tourist buses to the above said districts.
Kalyani Nandurkar Ok, thanks for the great tip. But I am told that there is one such thanda right outside Hyderabad, are you aware of it? - Kalyani Nandurkar - 8 years ago
rambabu There are isolated families around Hyderabad. But they are not living in Thandas. These families scattered around Hyderabad are always on move for the fear of forceful evacuation. In tune with your intention to have a close watch at Lambadis life style and photographing them i advise you to go to any thanda which are close to Hyderabad. APTDC runs luxury buses and it has affordable hotels in Karimnagar district where you can have a real satisfaction of seeing them in close proximity. Especially their colorful costumes. - rambabu - 8 years ago


There are Lambadis living in Karnataka as well, there is a small community living in the Western Ghats at Kudremukh and we get to see them wandering about on the highway selling Honey, tapioca , Grape fruit and other things that they procure from the forest. There are also settlements of Lambadis in Bijapur...

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