Would you like to travel or go for a holiday alone or do you prefer to go with family and friends ?

Most people travel in groups either with friends or with family members while they go for holidays .However, travelling alone or taking a holiday alone too can be fun since you need not follow any set pattern or wait for others...I have done it a couple of times and found it quite exciting and enjoyable ...

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usha manohar

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I prefer to travel alone.The advantage in travelling alone is, I need not convince anybody. I go as my heart says. Even in this also there are disadvantages. In some instances I found i have chosen a spot of no importance. But this disadvantage is nothing before traveling alone like a "Free Bird."



I prefer to travel with family only but travelling alone is something that I wish to try out one day.

Kalyani Nandurkar

I always prefer to travel alone because being alone I enjoy full freedom.  No commitments, no schedules and no planning. Your mind is your guide and your soul is your companion.  I like such a travel.


I prefer going with friends and family.

Manoj Kumar Lamba

I prefer to travel with friends or family as travelling alone for me is boring I need a company while travelling.

Sanjeev Gupta

I prefer to go with my family


I prefer friends and family. So that we can feel very happy and can enjoy 


I have travelled for holidays sometimes with my friends, my family and alone as well. It is not at all fun travelling for holidays alone. You should have someone with you to cherish those beautiful places with you. If you travel alone, you can't enjoy much. 

Ronark Bhardwaj

Travelling alone is on my wishlist which I am not sure will ever happen. But I enjoy travelling with family and friends. And I think that has lots of advantages - Having more fun, having someone with you in case of untoward incidences etc.. but the disadvantages are compromising and coming to a common decision which suits everyone. 

It is my dream to go alone to a resort amidst of natural beauty and spend a couple of weeks in reading and art. When I am not travelling with family and friends, I am with my colleagues for a workshop in other city and so on. Travelling alone for personal pleasure s still a dream

Arunima Singh

At times I can become aloof  even after being  in a group so I don't need to be all alone in particular to travel. Most of the times I enjoy some or the other company as  well as not interested to face all the hassles while travelling. I would prefer to  travel with my family  or friends because they can only give me a good company, give my me time whenever I need and they  are there to take care of all the nitty-gritties of travelling.  

Shampa Sadhya

I would prefer to go with Family and Friends.

Sheetal Kumar N

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