What would you prefer a spacewalk or a moonwalk...why?

I mean if given a chance - would you prefer to spacewalk or moon walk

I won't accept answers without proper reasons.
Written by Category: Specialty Travel 8 years ago

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I would prefer spacewalk simply to beat the record of Anatoly Solovyev. He has been on 16 spacewalks and spent more than 82 hours outside in space.

Absolutely moon walk as it look beautiful from earth. But of course moon is also a part of space.
Sanjeev Gupta

None of the walks you mentioned are anywhere nearer to reality for a commoner like me.Right now Moon walk and space walk are not within my reach. For the time being I prefer a simple earth walk.
suni51 I would answer you later big bro. Let more answers come. - suni51 - 8 years ago

Moonwalking would be preferable. It is the satellite of our earth. Now that I am on the earth, I would love to go on it's satellite too.

Lol.. I would love to prefer both if I can. but if I have to select one, I will go for space walk.. I surely want to try out the experience of flying, I wonder how it feel.

Both if possible if not , moonwalk , it would be very exiting to be on the moon and explore it. 

usha manohar

Moonwalk would be fun considering walking in 1/6 th pf the gravitational force compared to that of earth.

Sheetal Kumar N

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