How would you prefer to travel?

I mean if you have to travel in between Mumbai and Hyderabad, what would be your proffered transportation- an airplane or a ship. Please give me reason, I wont accept any answer without a reason.
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I prefer to travel in a way that;s new to me. That is, While selecting my mode of travelling, I look for an opportunity to enjoy my journey. If have an opportunity, i prefer a journey (Voyage) by ship because i traveled in all the remaining modes of travel except by ship.

My preference would depend upon the situation. If it is for a urgent job I would prefer plane to ship.
Otherwise I will prefer to go by sea. I think travelling by ship would be so adventurous and a wonderful experience which I never had before.Also I could see cooler blue colour throughout my journey. It is a pleasure to my eyes.

Definitely by sea as in plane I won't be able to see anything during the journey that I would be able to see while travelling in a ship.
Sanjeev Gupta

I think it's depend on financial situation and time period of your availability on other place
Karuna Sapra

Means I have only two choice.. From that I would surely love to choose ship, as I have little fear of height. And I love water... he he

Given the choice I would travel by Airplane since it takes at least 4 days for a ship to reach Hyderabad may be even a day longer if the weather is unfavorable and that would be a waste of time unless I am on a luxury liner with all taken care of and have all the time in the world to enjoy the voyage...
usha manohar

It depends on how long I have to travel. And if sources are available, I will use the modes I haven't yet. That will give me a new experience as well.

I would prefer plane travel, even though I would love to travel via sea but I am not much fond of water.. Extreme fear of water especially river or sea makes me uncomfortable.

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