Shell Script to demonstrate functions

We can modularize the code in Shell Script as well as with the other languages. Separate the common functionality into separate functions so that they can be used anywhere in the script. Also this makes the big programs to easily...

Shell Script to Check File Permissions

#Finding whether the file has write permission or not   echo "Enter A File Name"read file   Getting the correct letter indicating the permissions. The letter can be different for the type of user, i.e. the owner, group or all others. You can...

HTML Basics - Formatting Tags

What is HTML and how do I use it to create HTML pages? HTML is Hypertext Markup Language using which only your web pages(posts) will be displayed on the web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. HTML is a set of tags that use...

HTML Basics - Drawing Tables

Tables are most useful components that can be used to display the data in rows and columns. Ofter we use the tables to position the text in the proper alignment. You can display the border along with the text or simply the text. You can color each...

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Should Fee Reimbursement needs to be continued?

Should Fee Reimbursement needs to be continued? Should Fee reimbursement needs to be continued
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No married couple wants to end up getting divorced. It is not like they have planned for it. They try to put up with their partners for as long as they
Due to our modern lifestyle, we feel that digestion related disorders are a common problem. Thus, we neither give importance to them nor seek any help
The bond of marriage brings the two people together. Initially, everything may seem okay and both of them slowly start discovering each other in the journey.
In a seminar which I attended at the NDC in Delhi, speaker after speaker cautioned the Indian leadership about the growing danger to India from our immediate
Johny was skating down the road on his skateboard, swerving away from the curb, bustling through the traffic... The sun in the sky, the gentle wafting
Donald Trump won the election but lost the popular vote. This is the dichotomy of the American election where it is not the case of first past the post.
Narendra Modi swept to power in a gigantic wave, not seen for over 3 decades as he beat the moth-eaten UPA government led by the lackey of the Nehru- Gandhi
Introduction  We all have a powerful desire in our mind to see the unseen and to know the unknown. As a result we spontaneously seek for travelling