Photography - expressions of an artist

Photography is one of the best ways to represent your own self - to express your own views in most personal and unique style that you can convey. A photograph on show tells all about your way of thinking and narrates more than you can detail in thousands of words. That is a real picture of the situation, an onsite ready reference of your real experience. A photo is an expression of feeling that only a photographer can convey in his own personal and  no duplication way. You can keep detailing about it in words endlessly but a couple of photographs can take your audience to the actual spot to share the place.

Photography that used to be a hobby until a few decades before has changed now to a full profession for many. The role of photographer has extended to almost every field of life and increasing by the day. Professional photography has replaced untrained photographers from the scene of fashion world, industrial photography, wildlife, journalism, web-media and film industry. Even amateur is learning tricks of the trade with modern cameras and latest features at his disposal. Photography has become a ‘high resolution carrier’ for trained persons who are learning it in formal professional institutes.  

Photography is not a profession only


However for a person with creative ideas, this is another media for writing visual poetry who invents different angles to look at ordinary things with innovative point of views. This maybe a challenging task to complete but an innovative idea can make a photograph a masterpiece with a single click and that is not a fluke shot. Believe me, it takes lot of time to think over it and click at the right moment and from the right angle and more so in fashion, tourist and wildlife photography. I am a photographer who has waited for long time for right opportunities to come for hours together.

Photographers are changing the way to look at things

There is an old saying “The things look the way you look at them” photographers are proving the saying right to the very theme of the saying. Photography is infusing new life in many fields successfully and big money in this field is involved in big way.  You shall be surprised to note the categories of photographers and every one of these need a different set of skills to become successful and worth in that particular field. Let’s have a look to get a better idea – 

Photo-journalism - This is one of the most demanding forms of photography, both demanding and in demand as the media in various forms covering public interest news items in stills and video versions. The journalism related photography demands a tough skill of understanding of politics, literature, news value, etc with a proper work ethics to keep time related binding because deadline is most important aspect of this field. Photographers in this category with wide coverage of fields scale greater heights in their carrier with all-round expertise.

Commercial - As the name suggests, this is the form of photography for the purpose of commercial use mostly for advertisement. Photographers train especially to become commercial in order to gain maximum benefit from the photography profession. There are different forms in commercial photographic field although; basic aim of every field is to gain money and fame. 

Photographers on contract basis - These are photographers, with multi tasking skills to do various jobs on contract basis right from wildlife to trekking and wedding to travel cover. They go with interested parties for long duration tours to cover their tours and travels.

Fashion Ads - As indicated, these are fashion adverts, which are time consuming, costly and most paying with great photography skills, knowledge of expression and lighting. This field is expending at a very brisk pace as the fashion events in our country are increasing and with good facilities of training in our own country also better income opportunities making this particular area more attractive. Beauty photography is also well related to fashion industry although considered a different branch in developed countries.

Portraits - Portraits mostly related to display moods or expressions of persons in certain special conditions. 

Editorial Fashion - This is another form of advertisement photography displayed through editorial messages.

Wedding - this is another wide field where a set of photographers takes exclusive care of video and still photography with right kind of mixing of different occasions.

Pregnancy - This is another useful and interesting aspect of photography as some would be mothers are choosing to photograph themselves in detail. Although the trend is limited to photographs in our country but some women in developed countries are going all out to get themselves photographed in all possible ways even all bare. 

Maternity - same as above, but this is real maternity photo session after the baby is born. This is an experience mothers want to keep forever. 

Sports Photography - As the name would suggest this is photography related to sports activities where high speed sophisticated camera work with high proficiency is the primary need of the job. 

Fine Art - Again as the name would suggest, this is form of photography that give an impression of artistic touch of paintings in oil and pastel colors may be sketching in different ways.

Portrait or Human Form - This form of photography is limited to human portraits mostly in stills.

Still Life - artistic and commercial - This photography covers both with experienced photographers doing still photography to shoot commercial and artistic. 

Nature - This is one of the most interesting form of outdoor photography covering almost all walks of natural fields including wildlife, waterfalls, sea, beaches, gardens, forests, fields and nature in any form or whatever related to any form of fine arts, nature in fact the increasing average income of our country has given it a big boost.  

Landscape - This is mostly open spaces related photography with wider angles. 

Glamour - this is related to models, film personalities and sports stars. 

Haute Couture Fashion - A French expression for fashion photography but this is another form of fashion photography with expert photographers using their skills in fashion shows or modeling events. 

Pin-up - This is most common form of glamorous girls posing for a photo shoot.

Fizz Photography - Is related to fashion, landscape, personal and portrait where object is highlighted.  

Edgy - These are photographs of famous people portraying strange expressions on special occasions.

Boudoir - These photos are also kind of private type done on exclusive demands and needs.

Extreme Fashion Art - Some of these photos may contain some offensive photos in adult category.     

Street Photography - Photography among the public, where photographer use public as subject or subject wandering among public.

Studies - This photography needed to assist during studies where visuals are in need or mostly in field projects. 

Books - Photographs to be used in books on different subjects.

Engineering - Photography used for projects, instruments and the particular area for different purposes. This needs an expertise in particular branch of engineering. 

Industrial - This photography is used to picture industrial machines and products for different uses including catalogue.    

Random Photo Collections - This is simply the art of different photos with skillful use of cameras.

Forensic photography -This branch of photography is related to investigation, labs, legal system and private investigation mostly so demand in this filed is also increasing.

Freelance photographers - Freelancing in photography is considered the best as there is no one to boss you around and you can work as per you’re your own creative abilities.

The final shot

My bittooo 

In the present day scenario of communication and web world combining well together the importance of a photographer is getting bigger as more people are interested in photos and attracted easily towards them because they find them a better way to learn things without spending much time reading text unless they must. The photographers with their ability to guide any one to fame with the help of their photos are fast becoming important part of the web media. Photographers with vision, understanding of the subject and knowledge and as I mentioned earlier as to how you look at the things are gaining the ground and here to stay. Cameramen, who know their jobs with knowledge of computers and technical knowledge of all round photography software and digital technology, are immensely successful.

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