Simple and easy tips are as follows:- 

1. First of all you have to make a decision of choosing a good photo editing software. 

If you use a digital photography then it does not leave any sort of question in your mind, how this digital photography changes our life and make photography much easier as compare to past. If you are using a concept of digital photography then you are fully aware with the quality of photo in advanced. Suppose that something still not behaving in a right manner. Suppose that you cannot understand about the glitch in your photograph, by the use of a photo editing software this type of problem cannot rise up. Most powerful photo editing software is Picasa. You can easily find this software while you are searching on google search engine. You feel very much comfortable with this software because of its user friendly  nature.  If you are not satisfied with Picasa, You are free to use other photo editing software such as Photoshop powered by abode, Photofiltre, GIMP etc. It totally depends on you. If you are comfortable with the other, never hesitate to choose that editing software.  

2. By cropping your picture.

If you want to reduce the size of your picture the cropping tool is best for you. This is known as cropping of images. Suppose that you take some picture. The background contains some unwanted elements. This makes your picture look ugly. At that time this cropping tool is very useful. With the use of this tool you can easily remove all all unwanted element from your photo's background. You can reduce the size of the photo as per your requirement. You can easily find a cropping photo's option on these software. Use this software and make your photo slim and trim as you want.  If your picture is not in a straight direction, you can easily rotate your picture too.  If you are new to this photo editing techniques, Make a copy of your photo and do all your experiments on that copied photo. If you are not successful, it will not damage your original work.   

3. Fix the color of your photo.

Fixing color is one of the necessary points, remember this while you are editing your photo.  When you are taking pictures, at that time something missed regarding lighting and it affects the color of your resultant photo. This kind of problem related to lighting and color is easily fixed during editing. All most all the photo editing tools are equipped with a fixing the coloring option.  By using this editing tool you can easily meet with all the requirement of lighting as well as brighten the photo. The problems like the brightness of the photo, a Contrast in your photo as well as proper color balance is easily sorted by using this editing tool.  Try to escape, in any how not to overdo your photo. You must edit your picture color but be careful, cannot lose your original photo beauty.  

4. Remove the red eye effect. 

Now a day every photo editing software comes with a feature of red eye correction. You are allowed to use such correction tool if you found something wrong in your picture. A photo needs to look attractive. Sometime presence of this red eye effect spoils the look of our picture. You need to correct this defect from your picture.  You can easily remove such red eye effect from your picture with ease. You only need to open your photo and choose this tool. Now you are a couple of mouse clicks away. Just follow commands as they say.  If you are a demonic nature person, correct your photo and try to fix this red eyes problem with this tool. 

5. Make yourself aware with other feature related with photo editing software. 

All the step mentioned above is the simple editing step. If you are well aware of the photography then you might select a professional feature and continue your work on that. First of all if you are a new to this editing software, first develop yourself as a master in these simple editing tool then move further as a professional editor. Always use a pirated copy of your photo. It will save your original copies if you make some mistakes in editing. Try to learn a tip of good photography from any expert person. If you are fully aware of all the feature related to these photo editing software then photo editing looks like you consume a soft butter.

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  1. M.Thamarai Selvi

In old days, the photographer who only can takes the good quality photo. But when this facility is comes in mobile all can take photo and which increase our interest also. Now there are lot of apps for photo editing and also one can earn...

In old days, the photographer who only can takes the good quality photo. But when this facility is comes in mobile all can take photo and which increase our interest also. Now there are lot of apps for photo editing and also one can earn money by this.

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