These days smartphones come with very good camera features. Because of that many people are avoiding the use of digital camera. As phone is going to be with you all the time so you can take the pictures when you want. No need of carrying extra gadgets for the same purpose. That’s why more and more people want to have better camera on their smartphone so that they can switch it with their digital camera.  And these days there are many smart phones available which can even beat the result of some digital cameras at some level. But taking good photos is not only depends on the good camera, a person‘s own skill is also matters with many other factors. About skill it will only come with the experience, but I can share few tips using which you can take good quality of photos using your phone. So let’s see what they are.

Make sure lens of camera is clear: Well, unlike digital camera, we obviously use our smartphone little more roughly. Like we put it on hard surface, put it in our pocket and many more. Because of that it is common that its lens cover or lens itself get some dirtiness or scratches. So make sure you clean that part of your phone whenever you are going to take photos. Otherwise you may get blur photos or low quality photos in compare of normal. So clean the lens first.

Make sure your hands do not shake: This is common problem for many people when they take photos. Somehow their hands shake during the time of clicking and because of that obviously you will have blurred photos. And also unlike digital cameras most of the phones don’t having any stand option so that we can have stable pictures. So this is important. Make sure your hand stays stable during taking photos then and then only you will get clear photos like you want. 

Don’t use zoom more: As we are talking about taking photos from the phone. I have noticed that still zooming function on any smart phone is not as good in compare of any digital camera. It always gives you bad result than expected. So if you can avoid zooming feature for taking the same photos then better you click them without it. You will surely have good photos without zooming.

Avoid low light area: Smart phones still can’t take that good photo in the low light areas even if they have led flash option. May be lenses use in phone are not that good. So if you want to take good photo then make sure that your object is in good light. If it is possible then make sure you take photo outside the close doors. 

Take photos in sunlight: Taking photos outside the house or any indoor area will give you good photos for sure. And if you take it under sunlight then it will give best result. Make sure that your object is against the sun and sun light is directly coming on it, by this way you can have best result of your mobile camera.

Don’t forget about focusing object: Most of the new phones having auto focus option in its camera. But still if you can focus photos manually then you can get your photos sharper. So make sure to focus on your object just before clicking your photo so that your object get all focus and you have good quality picture.

Use of auto flash: I have noticed that most of the people use to take photos under the auto flash option. Well, this is good option as it will flash the led light when it required. But sometimes even there is need of flash light during taking photo auto mode not respond and photos get clicked without any flash light. So in that time make sure that you put the flash light option on not on auto mode so that you can have clear pictures. Otherwise you will get low light result.

Use different camera apps: By default mobile camera application is not having many features. But these days you can have different applications on your smart phones and enhance your photography experience. There are some third party applications available on the internet using which you can have better quality photos in compare of the default application came with your phone. Using those applications you can have some unique options like panorama mode, different color mode, burst mode, blurred mode and many more. So with them you can make your photography experience more interesting and enjoyable.

Use of grid lines: Many smart phones have grid lines option in the camera application. Well, many people still don’t know use of it. As per some photography rule (don’t know as I have read it somewhere) you take photo of your object by keeping it in the center. Means main object or person shouldn’t be at the center of photo. So that’s why most of the phones provide that option. Those four lines intersect each other at four points. You should keep your object at any of these four points for making that photo more live and good. That’s what experts say. And following expert’s advice is not a bad thing at all. So make use of this grid line, or avoid keeping object at the center of the photo. If you don’t having grid lines option on your smart phone camera app then you can install some third party camera application which will surely provide that feature to you.

Use camera accessories: I have already mentioned above that phone camera lens is not that good so that it will not respond well when you are taking photos under low light or if you are using zooming option. So if you are still serious about photography with phone and if you can spend money behind your interest then you should purchase extra lens accessory which will provide you better lens on your actual camera behind your phone. Using it you can take real good quality pictures even in low light and with zooming option. So if you are damn serious about your interest go for such extra stuffs.

Edit photos for better look: Just taking the photo shouldn’t be the last option for having better quality picture. You can always edit them later on for having better quality. Sometimes it is possible that picture is okay but there is some fault in it like red light in any person’s eye. In this case you don’t need to take whole photograph again; you can edit them and make them okay as you like. Same thing goes for other editing options. Sometimes even without any problem editing photo can give you better results then you have expected. So you can try out editing stuff even if you think it is not required.

Use burst mode for fast moving object: I already mentioned about burst mode above. Now if you are taking photos of any object which is in the motion then normal mode will give you out of focus photo or blurred photo. But in burst mode you can take such photos easily. In the burst mode you can take number of photos within seconds in just one click. So taking moving object photos with this mode will be easy for you and it will give you better results too.

So this is it. I guess I have covered up almost all the options. If you are also fond of using your phone camera frequently then take care of above things and you will surely able to take some good photos from it. So yes mobile camera is good option for taking photos and with above tips you can give those photos little professional touch. Hope it will be helpful for you next photography session.

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