Photography is the art of capturing memories and moments that we don't want to lose and keep with us while traveling to many variety of places ranging from ancient temples, historical monuments, museums, rivers, wildlife reserves to zoos, highly intense forests and ancient caves. There are variety of photos that we keep in our house, for example, painting of nature, people or ourselves. It is said that a photograph equals to hundred words and a photo can convey more than words. Capturing the perfect scene and image is the necessity in photography. A photo itself, at several times tells us a story, a situation, beauty, a tragedy or something unique and different that was occurring. A photo has the power of revealing the most rare emotions, feelings, what was happening when the photo was taken by the person to anyone who is seeing the photo. A photo can be an evidence for a crime, a proof of an historical event that has happened many years ago, beautiful and natural scenes, any political or sport events.

Tips to boost photography:

Improve your photo editing skills- For a photographer, editing the photo is a must skill as at times while capturing the images certain errors occur or the objects that do not fit into the photo gets captured. We can improve editing skills by knowing about editing mobile applications or editing softwares on mobile, computer or laptops and practice the methods of editing daily.

Know your equipment closely- Being familiar with the equipment and tools is crucial in photography. The better you know about the equipment, the faster and quicker you can operate it subconsciously with any initial effort. It can increase speed of capturing photos in different angles of the scene and the scope of reaching at the perfect image can be widened.

Be aware of the equipment's setting- In every equipment and tools for photography, there are default settings and a photographer should know about the default settings. He or she should also know how to change the settings as per his or her requirements.

Travel and visit different places- Travelling and visiting different places gives exposure to many scenes in the life of photographer. He or she can choose different images and scenes from various places to capture in his or her camera. He or she discover places, scenes or objects no one has seen before. Travelling can give him or her various and memorable experiences. 

Know when to use flash of the camera and when not to use it- The knowledge of when to apply the feature of flash of the camera can be helpful and it can boost the quality of the photo by decreasing the blackness in the photograph. The blackness in the photo reduces the actual colors of the image and deteriorates the quality of the photograph.

Lock the focus of the image properly- Fix the focus of the image properly before capturing it to enhance the quality of picture and to give the viewer a better idea of what you are trying to show in the photo. For example, if you are trying to take a photo of the colorful vase on the table and you forget to focus your camera's lens towards the vase, then, it will confuse the viewer for thinking whether you were trying to show only the vase or both of them: the vase along with the table. It is important to lock the focus of the image while taking a photo. 

Try to take the photo from different angles- The photographer should take the photo from different angles to capture every possible elements of the scene thoroughly. It can give the photographer numerous perspectives to look at the same image from different areas of vision.

Know your niche of photography-  A photographer should know his or her niche of photography, whether he or she wants to be a wild life photographer, wedding photographer, nature photographer or traveler photographer. It can help in focusing the efforts in one direction and be an unbeatable expert of your niche.

Hobby or Business- A photographer should know whether photographer is a hobby or a business for him or her, as it helps in realizing at which frequency the photography has to be performed by the person. A hobby gives us the freedom to decide when we want to do it as it is flexible and not a job. On the other hand, a business has to be conducted on a regular basis to pay the necessary bills.

Knowledge of color palette- For a photographer, the knowledge of color palette is a necessary skill to understand the various different shades of colors that a photo might display to a viewer. This skill helps in editing also.

I would like to conclude by saying that if there is a will, there is always a way. There is no specific way of boosting photography but a combination of few tips.

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