Painting is a such art by which we can express our views. It is an old art and from our history we can see many historical paintings . It helps us to know about the culture and other social activities of that era. Previously it was done on leaves or on the wall of caves. Still now we can see those historical symbols.

After the invention of paper pencil and colours it gets a historical changes. Now it can be saved . The creations of ancient are being some hard to maintain. It is proved that it is an old art. 

Things used in painting

Generally ink, brush, art paper, water colour, pencil ,wax etc are used to make a painting. 

Types of painting

Different types of painting are done according to our requirement. It is done in different way. Here is some details about that.

  1. Oil painting
  2. Pastel painting
  3. Acrylic painting
  4. Water colour
  5. Ink painting
  6. Hot wax painting
  7. Spray painting
  8. Tempera painting etc.

Uses of painting

A kid starts painting with some crayons as fun. Many adult take it as profession now as it is treated a great visual art now a days. In ancient time it was done on wall. Now we decorate the wall of our house with some great paintings. Now computer also helps us to do it with some pre loaded programs. It is a great media or visual media to express our feelings and also  express any current events to a mass.

Painting as a hobby

Everybody have some hobby in life. It can satisfy one mentally and also physically. So painting may be one's hobby as it helps in someway. Painting relieves stress and  helps to build self satisfaction also. So it may be a good hobby irrespective of nation or age also. Start with a brush and a set of paint and a canvas . Before starting you should think about an idea. You will get many idea from different magazines,books and also from on-line resources.

Safety in art materials

When you are painting something, remember you are using some chemicals. So everybody should be careful about it. Always read the instructions written in the label. wash after finishing work. Children have a bad habit to give everything into mouth, so beware of it. Children should be given chemical free colour.

Computer - a new friend

Now computer helps in many way to make a art. Students are using it very much. There are many resources available in computer. Digital option is also nice to see the creation and also it can be shared through mass with the help of Internet like blog or face book. It helps to create animation with the help of art and craft.

Evaluation of painting

Painting has a aesthetic value. Now it is sold in various way like on-line or through gallery. Many art or painting lovers come and purchase in a high value. Painting is not same as some other products in the market. It has a great prestige also.

Painting as a profession

Now many people are taking as a profession and in future they want to become a successful with this art. It helps to decorate buildings, office and many other gallery also. There are many involvements of people in the modern art of painting. Printing and electronics media are also involved with it.

So if you want to use your talent in to business form, then first you have to decide some common things. Select your goals and believe on your works and talent. You can show your works through any art gallery or you can use Internet also.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great scientist and mathematician in one hand and in other hand he was a great painter also. Monalisha was a great creature of him and still now he is considered as a greatest painter of the world.

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