Teen’s fashion in winters

The fashion in teens is picking up fast with every one willing to look different from others. Winters are the right time for them to tryout a few new fashion wear, which give them casual as well formal look depending upon the way they wear these for instance crotch pants worn with shirts would make you look formal while worn with tee shirt would present you in a casual way. Youngsters can wear denims with leather jackets or suede shirts those again make a good combination in this weather and never go out of fashion as well and protect you from chilly weather conditions.

Fusion experiment

Most indoor functions are celebrated in air-conditioned atmosphere that gives you a chance to try summer dresses in winters or a fusion of both to make it look unique, this summer-winter fusion is in trend in a big way. Girls can wear warm leggings with top or short-sleeved shirts or full-length jackets with mines to present themselves in style while boys can team their tee shirt with trousers with open buttons of their sweater or coat.

3D technique in fashion

3D technique is doing wonders for youth fashion where designs and colors are selected by computer and then highlighted by embroidery to give them special effect. The designs created by high 3D technique give an impression of standing out. This high profile technique is fast becoming popular among the youngsters with its new looks. 

Power of prints

Prints are going to be in trend this winter but lookout for a right combination as prints can improve your getup or spoil your looks. Be careful in selecting the right patterns according to your body structure while going for prints. As the trends are any suggestions then the winter is going to be flooded with digital prints along with flower, animal, batik, polka and designer checks in shirts and tee shirts. You can also find simple and sober printed trousers providing you stylish looks, the focus is certainly on colored pants in this coming winter. 

Below cold- cool hot 

fashion 222This winter seems promising as far fashion goes for youngsters who are out to show themselves fashionable, stylish and funky. They want to look outstanding with some thing unique and leather is going to serve their purpose right. Modern designs in leather pants, jackets, coats probably hit the markets in a big way as almost every designer is planning his range of such garments with new looks. Even other fabrics with touch or patches of leather are getting ready to give a stiff competition to leather garments. Pockets, elbows, sleeves or collars with leather touch change the whole complexion of a garment with a unique touch.

Bollywood is going to influence fashion

With number of movies releasing in last few weeks and even older movies having so much to offer the garment industry is certainly influenced. For instance the dresses worn by Ranbir Kapoor in Barfi and Ajab prem ki Gazab kahani has so much to influence the youngsters where as the movie ‘student of the year’ released a little while ago has a lot in Aliya to copy her style. 

Expert advices

Here are three expert advices for girls, follow these to click instantly-

1- If you want to look ‘desi’ go for Indian dress Anarkali, which is not only comfortable but all time favorite, choose contrast colored churidars for lowers. 

2- Gown dresses for evening parties are best; go for them if you must wear formals.

3- Shift to grey, black, solid or neon colors a half-sleeved sweater would go well with denims.

Winters bring a chance to change

Sure the winters give youngsters a chance to change to altogether differently while going out for with friends. This takes a lot more time to select a proper dress especially for girls if it’s a formal party. This season confuses almost all teenaged girls because they do not want to wear any thing that would make them look any thing that would make them look five years too older than they really are. They do not want to wear any thing covering them from top to bottom and neither can afford to wear any dresses that would make them victim of chilly winds. 

Here are few tips for teenagers to keep their looks and image both without bothering much to go for wearing uncomfortable dresses. Boys can go fashion 3333for colorful shirts and jackets with denims and colorful matching belts and trendy sports shoes. The girls can still use their short dresses with stockings and boots to protect them from chilly winds. Here is a list of accessories that would change the entire look-

A- Scarf- colored silken, woolen or cots-wool scarves wrapped around neck or head would make a difference.

B- Stockings- Stockings go well with short dresses. Stockings could be made of cotton or woolen printed or single colored.

C- Stole- You can use a stole with jeans & top, Capri, skirt etc for a cool look. Stoles made of silk or in contrast colors give an extra ordinary

D- Belt- Belts give you an elegant look. Use a sleek buckled belt with matching colors to your shoes 

E- Muffler- A muffler is an style in itself and helps prevent cold winds to your upper body parts effectively

F- Hat or cap- Just go for a cap or hat according to look of your dress

G- Footwear- As they say footwear is the mirror of a person’s style and personality. Be very selective while at footwear and these should not only be fashionable but comfortable as well. A pair of shoes that is not comfortable can spoil whole of your evening or kill the adventure.


With careful selection of dresses you can have all the fun of summers in winters as well and keep your smartness too. You do not have to look overdressed to escape from the chilly breeze while you are out on a trip with your friends; just select the right kind of dresses to give you enough protection and your style intact.  

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