With an onslaught of elements around, our skin takes a beating now and then. Remember grandma's skin, soft to touch and feel and it glowed as well. we all wish to have skin that way. Skin that brings us compliments from everyone we meet, wishful thinking isnt it? But wait, what if we told you that the kitchen at home had all the answers. Would you not then be the happiest lass around? You can now say goodbye to those costly chemical peels, facials, cosmetic products and medications. The kitchen now will be an answer to solve all your skin issues.

First things first

Have you checked as to why your skin suffers so much? It would be wise for you to take a look at your eating habits. The old adage says "You are what you eat", and this is not only for weight issues, but for hair and skin too. And now that we are talking about skin problems, lets dwell less on that and focus more on how the kitchen at home can help.

Magical Ingredients at home

You dont have to be a sorceress or a magician to conjure magical skin cleansing potions. Check the kitchen and there are ingredients gifted by Mother Nature for us to use. For example;

1. Honey mixed with lemon juice and gram flour can help remove blackheads, dark circles and spots from the skin.


Overnight soak a cup of gramflour in half a cup of chilled milk. The next morning, please stir the mix and add three tablespoons of honey to it. Keep it aside for ten minutes to ferment well. After the ten minutes have passed, take two teaspoons on lime juice concentrate, and add it to the paste. Mix well and keep aside for another five minutes to ferment.


Wash your face and the area around your neck clean with a mild facewash. Apply the facepack and allow it to be soaked. As you feel the skin tightening and the pack drying up, get a bowl of cold milk or rose water ready.

Wet your palms in the bowl of chilled milk or rose water, and gently using clockwise motions first rub the cheeks off the pack. Next, rub the T zone of your face in circular motions, allowing the dried peels to fall off. Remember, be gentle on your facial skin and do not scrub hard, or else the skin surface may rupture or redden.

When all of the pack is washed away, take a piece of cotton and dip it in fresh cold milk or rose water. Wipe the face clean and repeat at least twice for toning. This would close the open pores and soothe the skin too, keeping it cool and fresh.

To finish the whole procedure, make a paste of mint leaves and dab a little of it around your eyes for ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are over, wash it off with milk and apply a little honey around the whole face. Keep it for sometime and wash it off using a mild face wash or just plain cold water.

You now have a glowing and refreshed face, be ready for those compliments and share the good news of glowing skin.

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