Music plays an important role in our daily life. It helps to be free from any anxiety, helps to be tension free. It helps to be relax and sometimes it helps to be fit in life.

Different types of music are in the world. It depends upon culture, location, and also time. But music has a common harmony. It is not noise. Notation and composition with a good presentation is a good music. It may be melodious or rock. If something disturb our ear is not a music. So whatever it may be, should be nice to listen.

India has a special tradition in music and from ancient time we are following this tradition of music. In our history we see many names and facts regarding music and the culture of music. Tansen, Baiju Bawra were in our history, who were great musicians. Indian classical music plays an important role in the world also. Western music plays an important role in improvement of music. So everywhere and in every time music has been treated as a great art.


Now the music has its own identities according to its features. We can classified into some categories like classical music, western music, rock music, melodious music etc. After all it is a great combination of different part like lyrics, composition, various instruments and last of all presentation.

Performance and presentation

Performance is the physical expression. It should be matched according to situation and time. We can not allow a loud music in sorrow time and sad music in happy time. Performance is done after a long rehearsal and thus it becomes a unique.

Presentation can be done in solo or group concept. In Indian music most of the presentations are sole but in western culture group performance gets more importance.

Uses: There are many types of music and used in many purposes. Music does not mean only songs, it may be instrumental. It is used to get a great pleasure. It also can help to be fit our mood with situation. Music is used in different religious and different ceremonial purposes also. Now it becomes a great entertainment package.

In another part musicians and singers or creators compose and perform music for their own pleasure and satisfaction. Music is a great media also to express our feelings of our daily life.

Needs of Music: It is not for all and everybody's cup of tea. One who has concentration, willing attitude to learn and practice, may be a great artist of music. It also  plays a role of bridge between nature and reality. India is famous and holy place ,where we have got many talent from past in this art. Still now in many occasions of world Indians are invited to present this art.

Media: In ancient time, people used to hear the music directly from the creator. Now with the help of different media like radio, music player,it became very much popular in common life. People can entertain by listening music when they wish, in train ,bus or on footpath.

Now the era of Internet. We can pass it quickly to many people and thus it reaches to maximum listeners. Professional musicans are also maintaining many social sites like face book etc.

Latest is music therapy: Now it is also proved that music can be used in treatment also. It is helping now to be fit physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. It is called music therapy.

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